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Covid-19 stay home

Another Monday is here. I’m still in self-quarantine due to Covid-19 & my Lyme Disease and well because it’s better for the entire planet that we all stay home until it’s safe to go out again.  So, I’m here, trying to gather some good thoughts and something awesome to share with all of you.

I wanted to talk to you candidly, because I think that’s what we all need a little more of right now.

I’m struggling a little for various reasons and I know that I’m not alone.  So let’s dig in, and I’ll share how we are getting by with this and what’s next.

Because I have Lyme Disease, my immune system is crap.  I’ve had pneumonia many times and my lungs suck. I also have a heart condition.  I’m 47, and I know my health isn’t optimal.  Getting Covid-19 is a really bad thing for me. I’m not sure I’d survive, that’s just the honest truth of it.

For that reason, I started limiting going out a couple of weeks ago, even before it really came to Maryland.

Each day feels like it is creeping closer and closer, more cases each day means the risk gets closer.

My husband has been home with me, he’s been a rock, and I am so grateful for his steadiness.

Our youngest is home with us and has been sent home by her job to wait this out.  Although she had to fight for that option, providing medical documents to prove that staying in her high traffic customer service job was a risk of bringing home the virus.

So now we are home.

If I can't go to the garden store, I'll grow everything in my closet!

From my office window, I can see the street. Amazingly there are still cars driving in and out of our neighborhood, and I wonder where they are going?  Our community is older, few children.  I worry about my elderly neighbors and the severely disabled adult daughter of another. I’m starting to miss the routine of how things were before Covid-19 came to our planet.

I used to see women walking and meeting up on the corner to gossip and roll their eyes at my crazy garden. They are the type of talkers that seems to screech, and you can hear every word. Apparently, my house is ugly and they hate my yellow door.  This amuses me most days.

Every weekday the bus would pull up in front of the house and take the neighbor off to her daycare, and I hope each morning that she has a good day and has friends. At 3:30, she would come home, and the nurse would help the driver take her chair off the bus and they would chat and laugh. I’d try to imagine what they would talk about and smiled as the nurse always seems so friendly.

Mila, the dog next door, used to go for walks and bark at moving leaves. Sometimes she had a dog-walker, and they would trot down the street happily. Now she’s in the backyard, and her people are home all day now.  It’s a strange change for her.

I used to see various work trucks, plumbers and landscapers. Now it’s mostly just neighborhood cars. And I want to tell them to stay home, please! Stay home, so you don’t accidentally bring this virus to our neighbors.

I’m an introvert, an observer.  It’s not hard for me to stay home or not socialize.  In fact, I’m enjoying the new standards of teaching people not to hug or touch each other. I’ve been saying this for years.

But now, more than ever, we need to all become more introverted and pull back.

You may be bored, tired of your kid running around the house, sick of not having anything to do. But please, this isn’t the time to go hiking the trails, enjoying the beach, or having playdates. Because that behavior is the reason we haven’t been able to isolate this disease and wipe it out.

I keep seeing social media posts about how crowded the parks and trails are from people who are out on the trails! And I don’t understand why they don’t know how important it is to stop and just stay home?

This selfish behavior is killing people. I don’t want to be one of those people!

Yes, I get it, people are getting tired of the bad news and the anxiety-inducing facts. But we need to educate our friends and family about why we all need to do our part and stop taking risks.  We need to insist that our local government do more to stop movement and increase assistance to those who need it. 

It’s up to each of us to make a difference.  Staying home could mean you are saving lives!

Don’t believe for a moment that you are “strong enough” to get this virus and not wish you hadn’t. You will share this with someone else, and they might not be. I might not be. It’s more than a common cold; people are dying.

And if you aren’t afraid, fine.  Do it because it’s the right thing to do.

I’m staying home because I want to be around for my family. I want to live and not spread it to the people I love.

My family is staying home because they care about other people, and respect that this is how we can do our part to prevent more deaths.

Yes, I do understand that there are people who need to work.  Two of my sons are still working because they are in vital services as plumbers and HVAC. They have to help keep things running.  As their mom, I’m so scared for them, and I miss them being able to come home for Sunday dinners and board games. I won’t be able to see them until this is over and I have no idea when that will be.

If you are not a  vital worker, stay home. Insist that you need to do this to stop the spread of disease and save lives.  There are funds available to help support people who are unable to work and we will all find ways to help. But you need to do your part and stay home.

how to make hand sanitizer
Yep, I made CBD hand sanitizer. Click the photo for the recipe.

This means stop hanging out with your friends so you can be a part of the solution and helping others to accept this as what needs to be done.

Cancel your dog grooming, your manicures, and your vacations.  There will be more time for that later.

Today take time to call your family and friends.  Check on people who might be scared or have a difficult time admitting they need help.

Sit on your couch in your comfy clothes and write a letter, draw a picture and send it to someone.  There are so many things we can do to stay busy, but going out isn’t one of them.

Put on a record you haven’t played in a while and light some candles, enjoy doing things you’ve thought about doing but haven’t had the time.

Make a “To-Do” list of everything you have wanted to do at home and see how many of them you can cross off this week.

Then make a list of everything you’ll do when we have overcome this because you were a rock-star and helped by not allowing it to spread through you. Businesses will be very excited to see you when we all are free to move about the country.

Keep a journal, write down everything you want to remember about this time and the good things and maybe the bad that you want to remember about the year we battled the Covid-19 as a planet.

And lastly, thank you for staying home to read blog posts like mine.

No need to have a special reason, make them. Get the recipe here!

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