Hey everyone, we are on week 2 of living with reduced social interaction or self-quarantining.  I decided that it might be a good idea to keep a record of how things are going here and maybe share some stories of how others around the country are doing.

I’ll be honest; today, it’s starting to get to me a little.

It’s not staying home that’s bothering me, in fact, as an introvert, this is great. But as a mother of 5, knowing that my oldest is in Seattle and he and his wife said access to food and necessities is scarce. I feel helpless and frustrated to be able to help. 

Monday, I shipped them supplies as much as we could find.  I added some little treats I knew they would like, some calming tea and little snacks to make the days a little brighter. Both of them are not working now that businesses are closing.  

The grocery stores are insane.  There are long lines for food and rationing for the essentials.

Every row was turned into a checkout line. It took over an hour to check out.

We have gone out to get supplies and Monday something frustrating happened, and at the time, it was annoying, but now I wish I had the nerve to have said something more.

For the last few months, we have been working with our landscaper.  He is a tiny business, and his work depends on this time of year.  We have been talking about adding some trees to the side field to help with some of the high wind issues we have and to provide more shelter for animals.

When we agreed to do the work, we had no idea that Covid-19 was going to be this worldwide scare that it has become.

My husband and I considered deeply when the time came to proceed, what we should do. Trees and landscaping are not considered “essential,” but the whole project has been something we have been excited to do and canceling now would mean we would be taking money away from a local small business and someone we consider a friend.  His family needs the money, and we are thankfully not in a place where we will have to skip a house payment if we proceed.

We arrived at Costco early Monday with the truck to take home the trees that they had at a very good discount.  The trees were taken inside, and we proceeded to the back of the store to pick out the tallest and most sturdy of their lot.

I was standing there as we were loading up the flatbeds when two loud, chatty women came walking right up to us and indirectly stated to each other how terrible it was that we thought trees were essential and how stupid we were for thinking of landscaping in this dreadful time.

” Those trees are not essential items! Look how terrible it is that people are just hoarding everything they can find! They will be sorry when they don't have food!”

In disbelief, I stared at them and wasn’t sure what to even say. No… my trees are not essential to the virus, or stocking up toilet paper, but they are essential to the planet. So is compassion and minding your own business!

Where they judging me for making sure that I provided as much work as I could to people who needed and wanted the job? 

I was so frustrated, and the guys that were with me were stunned at what just happened.

However, knowing that I’m trying to do what’s best in tough times, I proceeded.  But their judgment and attitudes went home with me as well.

This morning as I was getting ready to head to my home office, I did my usual scrolling through Facebook.  Often I find inspiration and answer reader questions before getting started.  Today I wish I hadn’t.

There was an article on some silly site about “The Stupid Things People Are Buying,” and readers are snapping photos of other shoppers and mocking them online for the “non-essential” items that they are buying. 

It was horrible, rude, and as I looked at the photos, I felt for sure I was about to see my trees.

I get it, people were asshats before the outbreak, and they will be asshats during and after it. And like you, I'm trying to navigate through all of this.

We need to practice more kindness and forgiveness.  This isn’t the time for snarky comments or being rude to people trying to do their jobs.

We are all in this together.

~ Crysta 

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3 thoughts on “Self-Quarantined- Week 2”

  1. i so agree with you. and thank you for supporting local small business owners. people should not ever judge someone else, they do not no their story. and now so, even more than ever

  2. Welp, you handled that much better than I would have, because I would not have been able to keep my mouth shut. I am going to be buying some acrylic paints and canvases so I can have something to do to keep my mind from going into panic mode and my hands from eating everything in sight. I truly cannot believe the things I am seeing online, and in public, and even people who I thought were the most level-headed losing their minds on social media over NOTHING. Lord help us all; I pray that often every day!

    1. Dancing with Fireflies

      I think we have lived in a society that has welcomed this type of rudeness to thrive. Now we need to repopulate kindness and sensitivity.

      Thank you so much for reaching out. We are in this together!

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