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I love succulents. They are so adorable and I have them all through my house. One of the reasons I adore having them around is that they give the room a fresh living feel without the fuss that other plants often require.

Today I wanted to change up my succulents, give them some new personality.

While I was at the garden store recently I found a few little things that I knew would brighten my day and make my succulents have a brand new feel.

Tiny Buddha

This little sedum was growing in a pot with other succulents. It grew taller than the others and began to remind me of a little tree.  I transplanted it into a small bowl that I had found for a dollar at the Asian market along with a tiny Buddha that had been sitting with some air plants that I got for my birthday.

Together I really love the feel of smiling happy Buddha sitting under the tiny “tree” that I made for him.


Here you can see the actual size of the pot.  It is so tiny that it can see easily on my desk, a window ledge, or a shelf.   Succulents don't require a lot of water or attention, so they make a great office plant.  You can get a small bottle of foaming succulent food and give it a squirt every two weeks and it will be a very happy co-worker who doesn't want to talk to much or steal your lunch out of the refrigerator.



Box It Up!

I found this adorable little box at the Asian dollar store. It was meant to be a shadow box, it has little hangers on the back. I wanted to use it to eventually hang some of my succulents.

I wasn't sure about the box itself and how good it would be for my plants. So I cut the bottom off a milk container and fit it inside my box to keep my plants and soil off the base of the box. It also makes sure that when I water my plants that it doesn't seep through and ruin the box.

These little guys were in an old planter that I have had outside all winter. They seemed to be doing alright, but they will probably enjoy coming in for a bit and enjoying some extra attention. The red training succulents do like to spread out and crawl around. So I planted them on the outside to give room for the others and put the Hen and Chicks in the cent. Hopefully they will all grow together and fill in some of the gaps.

bangkok-1128314_960_720Tip: make sure when you are transplanting succulents that you use the right planting mix for succulents. You can find specialized succulent/cactus mixes at your local garden shop.

This mix has the right ingredients to make sure your succulents have proper drainage as well as a good sand to soil mixture. I have made the mistake of planning some of my succulents in regular potting soil.  They didn't die, however they didn't really grow as well as I would like them to.

Having the right mix really help your project go better and you will enjoy the longer life of your plants if you start them off with the right environment.


Cute Cactus!

I found this little cactus hiding in my daughter's room. She loves cacti but sometimes they get a little forgotten during the school year. So this one needed to be rescued and repotted. I used some of the extra buds from my other replants and a cute little snail shell that she had in a terrarium to make a new spring pot.

With some luck, we might get this little cactus to perk up and flower again.


Spring is my favorite time of year. My kitchen always is lined up with pots for replanting, little seedlings perking their heads up out of the soil and rows of plants lining all of my windows.

I remember my Gram always having a green thumb. She had this natural ability to make things thrive, I know I certainly did under her watch.

Now that I have more time, I too have adopted the love of horticulture and I can't wait to get back in my garden.

Happy Spring everyone!

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