Who doesn't love Yoga?

Looking for that perfect birthday gift or holiday surprise for that person on your list who loves yoga, nature, and wellness?  We have found 5 great products that are sure to be a hit this year for your loved ones. 

Or maybe you just need to give yourself some self-care and buy something nice just for you.

From making time to work out to making time to tend to some self-love, we are bringing you our favorite self-care items of 2020.

We love everything related to wellness, self-love, and mindfulness. This is our year to feel better, live stronger, and put stress behind us. This year we focus on being the best US we can. We found the best new products for a better New You.

wellness products - CBD tinctures for a new YOU

Joy Organics CBD Tinctures

I do yoga every morning.  And some mornings I find that it's harder to get into the tighter postures. That's why I love cbd oil to help relax my muscles and relieve tension.

These days, CBD is everywhere, and it can be hard to figure out which is the best way to try it for the first time. Joy Organics Tinctures are fast, easy, and all-natural.  You can use these tinctures without the risk of getting “high” or sleepy. From beverages to meals, you can take a few drops to settle a variety of issues. We know you are working hard to take care of you, and CBD is there to help do it.

$34.95 JoyOrganics.com

Dark Radiance

My yoga space is a special place for meditation and mindfulness. And sometimes smells can help sooth the mind and bring more zen into my day.

Love essential oils, but hate plastic? We found a beautiful alternative to plastic oil diffusers. These diffusers don't destroy the properties of the essential oils or dilute them. We love ours!

Dark Radiance – $95.00
from: Organic Aromas

Sea Grass Floor Mat with Neck Roll

Sea Grass Floor Mat with Neck Roll

Many yoga mats are made from rubber or environmentally unfriendly materials. We are looking for more eco-friendly ways to bring back our focus too. These mats are made by traditional grass mat weavers from Tamil Nadu and Karnataka using traditional materials and techniques. Each piece is unique because each one is made on a loom. They are made with seagrass and are fairtrade.

$78.00 $48.00 Buddha Groove


yoga sweater

Sacred Geometry Fleecy Yoga Cardigan

Open your mind with the mystical vibes of this sacred geometry cardigan, colored a rich emerald tone and emblazoned with a Metatron’s Cube on the reverse. Super cozy and super soft, its fleecy stretch cotton is cut with a handkerchief hem for an extra feminine drape. Made in Nepal. One size fits most.

$32.00 from Buddha Grove

tea drops

TeaDrops Subscription Box

Explore new tea flavors and get surprise gifts! Learn some new mindfulness tips and have fun with Tea Drops. Tea drips are made with organic loose leaf tea, raw sugar, and spices.  And don't forget the tea sprinkles!

$25.00 from TeaDrops


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