The sun breaks through the bones of the winter trees warming stubborn birds that don’t seem to care about the bitter wind. It is still, cool and quiet, the rush has already passed.  Morning commuters have already stumbled through their morning routines of coffee and emails. Now the calm returns and the rows of houses sit quiet again.

The pale turquoise chalkboard above begins to come to life with iced trails of planes writing about their adventures across the sky as some of us gaze dreamily out our windows.  What will today hold?

The snow has begun to melt, dashing grey squirrels dig through the edges to seek out a morning meal not caring about the stealthy feline watching their every moves. They seem to move in ways to tease the cat, flittering their tails like fanciful feathers on strings that normally send the feline into a frenzy. She has no choice, behind the coolness of the glass the cat is held prisoner to her desires and is no threat to the tasty creature she longs to capture.

The tasks waiting should probably begin, though the desire to do them has little effect on movement.  The enjoyment of much-awaited for quiet times holds much more allure than mountains ever could.

For now, this is my time. The quiet washes over me as daydreams take flight. Rare are the days where the house sits empty and I have time to wander through it without urgency.  Fluffy socks, ponytail, and comfort are the uniform of the day, no need to impress.  Few too little days like this.

Through the window, the lemon rays of morning wake my senses and start to recharge my batteries.

Time to begin my own routine of life. I am a Creative, and somehow today I must create something new.

Writer's Block Tips

Winter is the hardest time for me to write.

Recently I've been struggling with a bit of writer's block.  It's a common thing for people, like myself, who write for a living. But it's a real difficulty to write something worth reading.

A friend of mine gently nudged me to publish some new articles about CBD the other day. And while I really wanted to, when I sat to write I drew a blank.

Writer's block for me is this crazy thing that feels sort of like I have ideas in my head that I want to share, but I lack organization and drive to get it from my “thinking place” to the “Writing place” and it drives me bonkers when it happens.

Why does Writer's Block happen in the winter?

I personally feel that winter is this time when you slow down, things come to a crawl, and this includes creativity.  It's the time when everything goes into a sleepy hibernation.  I'd rather be snuggled up on the couch with a book and a hot latte, than tied to my desk trying to write something worthy of reading. 

Writer's Block Tips

Tips For Writing During The Winter Blahs:

1.Wait it out –

I'll admit it. I've had some serious writer's block.

There were moments when I thought I would never write again. It was painful, quiet, and I felt like I wasn't who I was meant to be. I am not sure exactly what started it, it was as if one day I just woke up and just didn't feel like writing.  I did my normal routines of making a latte, turning on music, and sitting there just looking at the blank screen and nothing came.  I even tried a little yoga on occasions, which ended with me wanting a nap more than ripping out  1,000 words of something that sort of made sense. 

But the harder I pushed, the worse it becomes.  Take the time to try some new things, read something new, but don't sit and try to force it.  It never works well that way.

2.Write small pieces and don't worry about finishing them.

Writer's block feels like someone has pressed mute in my brain and I just can't hear the normal flow of stories, words, and dancing music.

I've cruised some blog sites with post titles like ” How to get over writer's block.”  But those looked boring and I didn't have the attention span to actually do more than skim the usual tips of relaxing, writing everyday in spite of having nothing to say, and so on.  I have tried meditation, I found a few oddball thoughts in there when I was trying to clear my head and not think about anything.  But nothing of so much value that it drove me to the laptop.

However, I can come up with topics and intros that sound interesting. This is when I start writing things down and as much as I can and save it for later.

3. Meditation for Creatives-

This year I've taken up a challenge to work out in some way for 30 minutes every single day since my birthday in January. One workouts that I've added to my daily lineup is meditation. 

While meditating doesn't sound like your normal physical workout, it is definitely a workout.

Meditation takes training, effort, and practice. It's not just plopping down and closing your eyes and humming. It's about setting an intention, a thought to focus on, training your mind to focus on that thought and nothing else, and breathing into that thought.  

Since I've been having Writer's Block, my recent meditations have been centered on allowing my mind to open up to creative thinking. Mindfulness helps the brain to sort out the clutter and release stress.  And guess what!  Today, during my meditation I tuned in to hear this internal dialog about my morning and found that my creativity isn't gone, it's just sleepy. 

4. Writer's Block is a great time to give some attention to old projects.

Writer's block is really dull.  There isn't much you can do about it.  You just have to keep up your creative routines.  Don't let the block be your master!

Use the time between writing to revisit your old work. Clean it up, give it some love, and share it with your social media fans.  The more you read of your own writer's voice, the more you will feel the need to use that voice to speak up again.

Trust me, it will come back if you don't give up on it.

5. Try something new.

Being a creative person, sometimes I feel like there are so many things that I want to explore creatively, but no time to do it all. 

So this winter block is giving me time to explore some of the things that I've put on the back burner.

I have:

  • Taken online classes
  • Tried new recipes
  • Started my seeds for my garden
  • Tried “Stamping” and learned that I hate that and donated it all.
  • Volunteered for a charity event to do their social media
  • Called old friends and enjoyed “catching up” 
  • Revisited old blog posts and discovered some oldies that were pretty good!


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Trust me, Writer's block sucks, but if you refuse to give up on it, you can ride it out until it returns.  And while you wait, you can have a lot of fun trying new things!

We would love to hear how you survive Writer's block in the comments!




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