These days everyone has a side hustle. We all want to make a little extra money for travel, going out, or doing something fun.   I've been a blogger for many years, and I've found how easy it is to make some extra cash while pursuing my dream of being a writer. Working from home is how I earn money to travel, go out, and even treat myself to a massage.

Making money from home isn't hard.  You just have to know where to start.  I wish I'd known a few of these easy ways when I was getting started! But I am here to help you learn how to make more money so you can enjoy life more.

Start an Shop

I've had a lot of jobs through the years.  But the easiest way that I could be home with my children when they were younger and while I was going through heavy treatment for my Lyme Disease was to sell things that I had been making from home for fun.

I used to have an Etsy shop making embroidered baby bibs, was easy to set up and within days I was making money from the same things I'd been giving away to friends and family.

Facebook Makes Working From Home Easy!

This one is new.  But it is easy to sell just about anything both locally and shipped.

I've sold extra tickets to concerts, home goods, even electronics.  You can choose to meet face to face or even online through PayPal and shipping.

The nice thing is that there are no fees for buying or selling.

Start a Recipe Blog

Love to cook? Think you could be good at writing recipes and taking photos?

Then maybe food blogging is for you.

Once you get it started, add some affiliate marketing related to food and cooking. Affiliate marketing is easy.  You simply find sponsors who want to work with your brand. Post article related to things you have used in your kitchen. Then you make money when the product or service is purchased through your links.

How To Start A Successful Blog in 2020

Start a Fashion or Lifestyle Blog

Think you can predict the next fashion trends?

Want to talk about how to live a healthier or better life?

Love to write and want to share your wisdom?

Blogging is wonderful for giving people an outlet to share their knowledge with the world.  But blogging alone doesn't bring in the cash.  You have to monetize and provide something to sell.

Share A Sale was my first and still is my favorite way to connect me with sponsors for my blog.

Make Logos

Do you love to design and create logos?  Think you have an eye for doing it for other people?  There are great online programs that you can use that can even help you get started.

PicMonkey is my go-to photo and graphic editor.  I do everything here and even create logos.  Did I mention that it is free?

Become a Life Coach

Do you have a story to tell about overcoming and becoming successful?  Perhaps you are really good at motivating people to achieve their goals?

Why not take that talent for helping others and become a life coach?  One on One personal motivating. People have taken this talent for teaching others about life and achieved their dreams of working for themselves.

Sell Art

There are so many amazing art classes that you can take from home. But what do you do with all of the beautiful things that you have made?

Sell your art at local farmer's markets, online with or through a Facebook page!

Become a Personal Shopper

I HATE shopping.  I don't like going into the stores searching for things.  It just makes me uncomfortable. This is why I love personal shoppers.

If you love shopping, finding the right colors, sizes, and styles for people.  Then start your own personal shopping business.

Recently when I was planning for a special event I had a personal shopper pick out several outfits for me to try on, complete with accessories!  I got to try them on, give my input, and I didn't have to dig through trying to find my size.  I loved it.

Teach a class

I've taken a lot of classes on various topics. Everything from writing classes to salsa making.  I've taken them at the community college and even from local grocery stores.

Recently a little shop opened in my town where they have a working kitchen, large tables, and wide open spaces and local people come in and teach classes.  I love this idea because it gives me a place to go and learn something new.

Have a skill?  Teach it!

Be a Pet Sitter

Maybe overnight or just for a few hours, our 4 legged children need sitters too. It's not difficult and often doesn't require more than the love of cuddles and throwing a ball.

Advertise locally that you are a pet sitter.  Come prepared to win over both pups and people.  Be responsible, professional, and most of all warm.  These are the traits I look for when I am hiring someone to watch my dogs.

Sometimes I know I'll be out of the house for longer than a few hours and I really need to be able to trust that my dogs will get fed and taken out for a potty break.  This is when having a plan and a pet sitter is a must.  And trust me, the money is GOOD.

The best part of working from home is that you are in charge of when, how long, and your income streams. It's not always easy, but it is challenging. Not everyone is cut out for working from home. And that's okay. But if you are looking for ways to meet some goals in your life, these easy ways to make money are for you.

Is your dream to be working from home or perhaps on the road? Give these tips a try and tell us what you think. If you have any questions, leave them for me in the comments and I'll be sure to answer them all.


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