This week is Riley's Birthday. He always gets a few new toys to replace the ones that have been destroyed.  But he has a few favorites that he takes care of and have actually lasted a while.

If your dog loves toys, we share Riley's Favorites

The Snake by Leaps & Bounds

We have no idea why this snake is one of Riley's favorite things. But he takes it with him from room to room. 

Leaps & Bounds knows what dogs like.  And apparently they like weird life-size plush snakes!

I love that he hasn't managed to leave fluff everywhere. Thanks to the RuffTech mesh inside, he got the head off ( We tied it in a knot after that ) but he wasn't able to get to the rest of the fluff. So it's a win!

This one has lasted since his last birthday and it's still in great shape!

Fabdog Floppy Elephant Squeaky Dog Toy

Riley loves his stuffies.  Even though he is a big dog, almost 60lbs, he has a tender heart.

His elephant lasted a long time. He slept with it, ate with it, and sadly sneaked it outside and lost it. But before that, the elephant was lots of fun.

Tiny Pig

When he was tiny, he loved tiny toys.  But as he grew, the toys weren't the best for him. He had a collection of animals like a cow, bear, and his favorite “Tiny Pig.”

We've let him keep tiny pig.  We have to watch him with it, so he doesn't choke.  But it's still a favorite.

See Riley's Review Of Kong's Plush Pig

Be Gentle! 

That's what we have to remind him of often. Riley was sick when he was a puppy and quickly jumped up to 75lbs! He was on a lot of steroids trying to control a terrible skin and stomach issue. But after we learned about CBD for dogs and changed his diet, he quickly lost a lot of the weight. But he was a BIG puppy, who loved tiny toys like his little pink piggy by KONG

If your dog likes toys as much as our Riley does, we suggest that you always keep an eye on your pet while playing with toys. Squeakers can be a choking hazard and they shouldn't be allowed to chew on them.  Also look for toys with the squeakers sewn into a separate pouch and stitched into the seam for extra protection. 

We like Tall Tails for dog toys that are made with love. 

Happy Birthday Riley!

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