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I LOVE my cast iron pans. In fact, until this week, I would have never have believed that I’d ever have anything else in my kitchen. Thanks to DaTerra Cucina, I now know there is more than cast iron. Their Ceramic Non-stick pans are fantastic.

I received my pan directly from Kathrin at DaTerra, and I am thrilled to give them my honest review.


The downside to cast iron

As much as I love them, cast iron pans can be difficult.  You have to remember to take care of your pans. Don’t soak them in water. Don’t leave that lid on overnight.  And never use soap. But once you learn how to use them, they last a lifetime and are often passed down to the next generations.

DaTerra Cucina pans AMAZED us!

The great people at DaTerra Cucina gave me the chance to try one of their pans, and I am beyond thrilled with it. And since then, I've purchased several other pans from DaTerra Cucina that I just love.

img_1548Made from natural volcanic minerals, these pans are non-stick without using the nasty Teflon. I haven’t used Teflon pans since the ’90s. After learning about their fumes being toxic- which contains harmful chemicals like PTFE and PTOA. I have stayed away from pans with any sort of “non-stick” coating. However, these pans are non-stick because of the way they are coated with their non-stick ceramic coating that is vastly stronger and more durable than previous ceramic coatings on the market.

Lightweight and easy to use

I have to admit; I was skeptical.  But from the moment I unboxed my pan, I was impressed.

Cast iron pans are HEAVY.  Even the small pans are heavier than most other pans. For people with arthritis or painful joints like my own, these pans often require two hands when they are empty.  I often have to ask for help moving my pans from the stove to the table.

DaTerra pans are much lighter in weight because they have an aluminum base. The aluminum helps to heat faster and more evenly for more consistent cooking.

You can also bake in these pans because they can handle heat up to 450°F

And the handle!!  They have a Cool-touch silicone handle with a non-slip grip.  Yes!  A cool handle, no risk of burned hands.  My husband is always grabbing my cast iron pans and burning himself.  I can’t even tell you how happy I was to see that handle.

Unlike other pans we've tried, this pan holds up to high heat and always looks beautiful. 

Perfect browned potatoes

I love making a pan of fresh potatoes lightly browned with some onions and peppers. Even though sometimes some of the potatoes get a little darker than others and I usually end up using a bit too much oil, it is one of my favorite dinners.

The first thing I made with the new pan had to be potatoes!


This is what won me over.

The pan is wide and has a 2.5-inch depth.  This means I had plenty of room for potatoes and for stirring them around. Here is the magic… they all browned at the same time, evenly through the whole pan.  I mean PERFECTLY!

I used very little oil. They just didn’t need it.  And other dishes I’ve made since then require half the oil I have always used in my cast iron pans.

I also loved the sealed lid.  I really could go on about how great it was to use this pan.  But I won’t.  You just have to give it a try.


Real Life and a real review

Look, I know buying new pans can be a pain.  In fact, I really wasn’t looking to change my pans at all.  I have several cast iron pans that live happily in my oven.

However, what I didn’t know until now was how much better my cooking could be if I could heat more evenly through the whole pan. I didn’t have to use as much oil to get a nonstick cook base. I didn’t know how much time I could save cleaning up by not having to rinse, wipe, season, heat, cool, put-away.

Unbelievably, these pans are dishwasher safe. However, they do recommend hand washing them. I know there are times when you just need to clean the kitchen in a hurry or have a really dirty pan that you just need help cleaning.  Having the option of using the dishwasher is a dream.

Where to Buy DaTerra Cucina pans:

I would have thought these pans would only be sold in specialty kitchen stores. I was shocked when they told me that the best place to purchase them was through Amazon. As an Amazon affiliate, I love showing off products you can buy from Amazon because they also show the great reviews from other people who have also purchased these pans. And I get a small commission from the sale to buy more fun cooking gadgets and support my Amazon habit.


Not only can you find them there with other reviews, but you can also have the quick Amazon delivery time.

Now I’m sold!


3 thoughts on “DaTerra Cucina Pans – Why We Adore Them”

    1. Dancing with Fireflies

      Oh how I wish I had been smart enough to ask for my Gram’s pans. But now I have my own that my children are already fighting over. So I completely agree that these pans are heirlooms and should be cherished. Even though sometimes I love cool new toys too. 🙂 Have a great day. – C

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