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Make CBD the Perfect Gift

with these personalized recommendations.

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To: Friend in Pain

Made By Hemp – Cooling Muscle Rub (500mg)

Cooling to the touch and deeply soothing, this Muscle Rub is an incredible gift for someone in your life who deals with sore muscles and joints. Whether you’re seeking to recover from workouts or soothe soreness, the all-natural made By Hemp Cooling CBD Salve is packed with 500mg CBD to target those problem areas.

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To: Restless Mind

Tasty Hemp Oil – CBD Gummies (25mg)

Know someone who is constantly saying they can't fall (or stay) asleep? CBD is a great way to calm down and relax at the end of the day. Give you loved one these delicious CBD gummies for ultimate relaxation and a better night's sleep.

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To: CBD Newbie

Made By Hemp – Hemp Extract Drops (1,000mg)

Many CBD products are targeted to something specific —like a salve, which supports the skin and muscles. But, what about someone who's interested in CBD for several of its benefits?

A tincture gets into the bloodstream for full-body support. It's a great introduction for anyone new to CBD, or those looking to get various benefits.

Plus, this one tastes good.

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