2019's Top Looks For Christmas

Farmhouse Decor

Christmas is coming fast! Do you know what colors and themes you are going to use this year? We have some beautiful farmhouse Christmas decor ideas that we found while planning our own holiday decor.

I am so excited, and here's why. We are decorating for Christmas for the first time in 20+ years! So much has changed and I am really excited to do some major decorating.

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Here comes Santa!

For us, Christmas hasn't ever been a big deal.  In fact, we don't normally celebrate it at all.

We are Jewish, and traditionally we hang back, and let the holiday craziness pass. 

Our tradition for Christmas has always been on Christmas day, we sleep in late. Go out for an afternoon movie and then head to our favorite Chinese restaurant and meet up with the other Jewish families in our community. It's fun!

But this year, Michael and I were in for a big surprise when we were asked to host Christmas for our grand-daughter! What do we do?? Of course we said yes!  


We love being grandparents. It's all new to us, so we are still learning. So when our kids asked us if they could come and have a tree, we had to figure this all out in a hurry! Next week is Thanksgiving and there is so much to do! 

I've been browsing websites and blogs looking for the best looks for our holiday decorations. And I've decided that we are going to merge our love of Hanukkah and bring that into our holiday decorations. While I've been looking, I discovered the trending Christmas decorations for 2019 as well!

Red is 2019's key color for Christmas decoration. But metals like iron and tin are taking over. The trending looks this year lean towards wood and clean minimalist looks without the clutter. Stick with simple and elegant and you won't go wrong.

For our modern farmhouse, we love the country look.  I also love the gnomes and decor that reminds me of cozy winter nights in front of the fire.

When decorating your farmhouse,  you want to stick with classic, wholesome looks.  If it's vintage, it's better and don't be scared of a little rust!

Our home style is also very minimalist.  I don't like a lot of clutter. So I'm choosing to decorate very lightly in small bundles from room to room.

Image credit H&M Home

Here are some popular color schemes this year:

  • Black and White
  • Black and Red
  • Pinks
  • Orange and white
  • Navy
  • White, Blue, Gold – (This is the color scheme we are going with)
Glittered Star Tree Topper - Antique Farmhouse

There are so many great themes and ideas, that I've gathered them all together so you can follow along on our Hanukkah and Christmas 2019 Pin Board!

Here are a few of my favorite look links so far:

  1. Red and Tin 
  2. Farmhouse Chic
  3. Gold and white
  4. North Pole Farmhouse
  5. Winter Blush

Inspiring ideas!

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