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Hey everyone we have a delicious new review to share with you today from our friends at Cacao Tea Co. If you are a tea lover like I am, you'll want to see what we have to say about this unusual tea.  So grab your cup, and let's get to it!

Thanks to Cacao Tea Co. for sending us this fun new tea to try for our review! 

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Cacao Tea Co. the tea made from chocolate!

Cacao is the base ingredient in dark chocolate, and this tea is made from 100% cacao husks! 

I had no idea before being introduced to this tea company that you could even make tea from cacao.  I knew that cacao was what chocolate was made from, but I didn't know that you could make tea from the husks.  But apparently the ancient Mayan and Aztecs were on to something thousands of years ago because they were drinking this naturally sweet cacao tea long before we knew anything about hot chocolate!

Theobromine, found in chocolate is a vasodilator (opens blood vessels increasing circulation) and a relative of caffeine that acts to amplify the benefits of chocolate like lowering your LDL cholesterol and lowering your blood pressure.  It's also high in antioxidants. 

Theobromine is the main alkaloid compound of the cacao plant and is responsible for its bitter taste. The theobromine content of cacao beans is measured by weight and cacao beans typically contain around 1-2% of theobromine. This may not seem like much, but for every 100g of raw cacao, there is approximately 1000mg-2000mg (1 or 2 grams) of theobromine.

What I liked:

Unlike rich hot coco, this cacao tea not overly sweet, in fact it has a tart fruity taste. When I tried it without cream and sugar, it was a little too bitter for me. But I prefer my tea sweet. 

The packaging is nice. No extra wrapping and it seals. When you open the package, it smells gloriously like chocolate.  So much that you might be tempted to want to shove a handful in your mouth. But you probably won't want to do that. This is the husks from the cacao and not the best for eating directly.

The size of the bag is great. 4 oz is a nice size to make about 28 cups of tea according to the label.

This tea is sugar, dairy, and gluten free.

This tea is also GMO-free and doesn't have any artificial additives, preservatives or flavors.  It's just straight up cacao!

I also like that the tea is sourced from ethical and sustainable organic cacao teas in South America.  They use the same traditional methods of harvesting and roasting as those Mayan and Aztec civilizations did thousands of years ago. 


why you should drink more tea

There is caffeine!

I am caffeine-free because of a heart condition. Finding a good morning drinking without caffeine is sometimes difficult.  This is a healthy option to coffee but it does contain a tiny bit of caffeine because there is always caffeine in chocolate. However, it is very low and doesn't give me the same issues as coffee. 

How Much Caffeine is in Chocolate?

The following chart shows the level of caffeine in each type of chocolate treat (per 100g).

Cacao Powder


Dark Chocolate


Milk Chocolate


Chocolate Ice Cream


Chocolate Milk

< 2mg

White Chocolate


I spoke with my cardiologist before testing this product and was given the Go Ahead. In fact, he said a little bit of dark chocolate was good for my heart! I will say that this did give me a few more extra beats, but it wasn't terrible. I just needed to be aware and I tend to be very cautious about caffeine and theobromine intake. 
This tea isn't for people expecting the rich sweetness of hot chocolate.  It's bitter and reminds me of making brownies and opening the cocoa powder.  You might think it's going to taste like chocolate, but until you add the sugar it's not the same.

There is a slight sweetness. But it is all-natural.

The cost isn't too high for good quality tea. Each bag is $17.50 


Brewing Instructions:
Cacao tea can be made in a variety of ways depending on your preferences!
To ensure that the full flavor of the cacao husks is released into your tea, we recommend using boiling water and a longer steep time. We recommend using a french press to brew 2 teaspoons of cacao tea per 250ml of boiling water. Allow the tea to steep for 6 to 8 minutes, or longer if you prefer a stronger brew.
Alternatively, if you do not have a french press, we recommend using a tea ball strainer or infuser. If you take this approach, please ensure that the top of your cup is covered with a lid or other cover during the steeping process. For best results, the water needs to stay as hot as possible during the steeping in order to extract the best flavour from the cacao husks.
For those who enjoy very strong brews, you can boil 2 teaspoons of cacao tea per 250ml of boiling water on a stove for 7 to 10 minutes, or longer if you prefer an even stronger brew.
While cacao has a natural delicate sweetness, you can increase the sweetness by adding your preferred sweetener to further enhance the chocolate flavours of the tea. Coconut sugar provides an excellent complement to the flavours of cacao tea.
This cacao tea can be enjoyed either black or with any milk of your choice. We find that almond milk is a delicious addition to cacao tea.

Cacao Tea Co is a company with a heart!

They donate 15% of the profits of their teas to help provide healthy meals to malnourished families in impoverished communities in developing countries.

Our last thoughts on this product:

While this isn't a traditional “leaf” style tea, it is unique and flavorful. We've tasted teas made from all sorts of methods, and I really enjoy this tea. 

We did something a little more unusual with this tea.

Since I am the only big tea drinker in my family. I had a lot of this tea to play around with. And I like to be a little more creative. 

I used the tea in my chili recipe and it was GREAT!

Dark chocolate is a secret ingredient in many chili recipes.  It gives it that mole sauce taste without making it sweet. 

What I did was take 2 tablespoons of the cacao tea and placed it into a teabag and while the chili was cooking, I tossed the teabag into the pot and let the cacao steep in the chili and enrich the flavors with chocolate. I used my base vegetarian chili recipe and simply added the teabags to the pot. 

Here is my chili recipe.

I want to thank Cacao Tea Co. for sending us their product to try. We hope you will give them a try and let us know what you think! 

You can save 15% off your first order with the code SAVE15 at checkout!

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