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How To Clean Your Kitchen And Keep It Clean Daily

I love a clean kitchen. But, if you are like me, the idea of scrubbing the kitchen from top to bottom feels like the worst job ever. But we have some easy tips to clean your kitchen and keep it clean.

We share our daily routine for keeping the kitchen clean. Fun hacks to keep the grime away!

Think like a Minimalist!

Big or small, when your counters are filled with clutter, your kitchen will never feel completely clean. I used to feel like no matter how much time I spent trying to put things away, I didn't have enough space.  But the truth was, I had too much stuff!

Take a good look at what you have on your counters, and be real with what you actually need and what you can get rid of.  Then move to the drawers and cabinets.  

You'll be surprised at how many things you don't use, what's broken, and what you just don't like anymore.  When you purge your cabinets, you will suddenly discover how you can put away all of the stuff that lines the counters.

Once a week, everything gets wiped down.

Sunday mornings, I make some tea and put on some music.  Then everything gets wiped down.  And I mean everything!

When you get into a routine of wiping everything down with a damp cloth, the dust and grime doesn't build up and you won't have to spend much time at all on this chore.  

Use this time to look at what you want to keep and what is just clutter. 

I have a cookie jar that will always be in my kitchen.  A friend gave me the cow when my husband and I got married and it has held treats for all of our kids and their friends.  

When I go through the wiping down, I love to give extra care to the special things that I keep on the counters, making sure oil and dust doesn't collect and damage my favorite things.

Don't have a dishwasher?  Even better! Your sink gets a nightly bath and you get the chance to inspect your dishes for cracks and chips!

Every night, scrub your sink!

I used to love this blog when I was younger, the Fly Lady? Her thing was always making sure your sink sparkles. I adopted that mindset and it has never failed to be the best advice I can give for keeping your kitchen clean.

If every night, you wipe down your sink and clean it from the food and debris from the dishes and the day, you can wake up in the morning knowing you don't have a filthy kitchen to come in to.

I use Bartender's Secret or helper… one of them.  Just a little sprinkle and my sink shines and smells so good!

Wipe the counters and stove and you are good to go!

Sometimes it has been hard to keep this up, but I know if I go to bed with a dirty sink that it will drive me crazy all night.  So it's better to just get it done.

One Week Rule: Nothing left in the fridge over a week

One of the grossest places in the kitchen is the refrigerator.  I HATE cleaning it. But I have a rule that nothing can stay in the fridge longer than a week.  With the exception of staples like the milk, butter, eggs, and condiments.

But leftovers pile up, it gets over-crowded, and that's when spills happen. So after a week, everything has to go.  So usually the night before the trash goes out, I like to purge the fridge.

Don't keep anything you don't have a purpose for. 

If cooking isn't your specialty, consider a meal planner or ingredient delivery boxes that only give you enough supplies for your meal. Then you don't have to worrry about the clutter in the fridge.

Clean while you cook.

Sometimes I play little games with myself to see how much I can get done before the timer goes off for each portion of making dinner. 

Can I get the table wiped and set before the water boils?

Can I unload the dishwasher before the onions brown in the pan?

Remembering to wipe and put things away when you are done using them is most of the work of cleaning the kitchen.  Admittedly, my husband is the one who is always grabbing things and putting them away… sometimes before I'm done using them!

One cup a day!

My husband and I often both work from home. And we have made it a habit to make a big glass of water to take to our offices.  This is our cup of the day and the one we will bring with us to dinner each night. 

Our family, even when the kids were little, knew that you get one cup a day and you better bring it with you to dinner.

This cuts down on the dishes and the random cups left in rooms. 

Good Mornings start with clean counters.

When I start my day, I like to shine the counters while my tea is brewing. It only takes 5 minutes to make sure the whole room is tidy, why not get it done while you wait?

Music makes it feel like fun.

I have a playlist for cleaning each room in my house. It's music that I love, that I can sing to, and something that puts me in a happy mood.  I highly encourage you to find your cleaning groove and you'll see how much you can get done. For me… Purple Rain is my floor mopping jam!

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There you have it! My tips for keeping the kitchen clean daily. If you get into a routine, you will always enjoy your sparkly kitchen. 

What tips do you have to share?

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