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It's Holiday Party Time!

Hey Everyone! It's time for holiday parties and swanky galas! We have a few of our favorite holiday party recipes guaranteed to wow your guests and make your parties the best in town.

Every year I scour through the recipes blogs, magazines, cookbooks, and look at the backs of boxes to find the best recipes for all of my holiday cooking.

Each Sunday Dinner in November, I start pulling out the recipes and practice making the dishes ahead of time so I know what to expect and I have good feedback from my own food critics. This also gives me a good idea of time and prepping requirements.

We love hosting holiday parties at our house. From Friendsgiving to Hanukkah, we are always thinking of reasons to have our friends over for food and laughs.

What's your Go-To Holiday Party Food?

Holiday Party Food

How to keep your dishes hot

I like serving hot soups and dishes at our parties. Especially in the winter, people like to have something warm.  I use my CrockPot for everything from creamy tomato bisque to crisp apple cider.

These are favorite holiday recipes we use in our home that always wow my guests.  They are recipes that are easy to pack up and bring to a holiday potluck or serve at your own special gathering.

Holiday Pumpkin Spice Cupcakes


These are holiday favorites with a twist. Everyone loves cupcakes. They are easy to take to parties, lovely to stack and serve at home, and they don't take a lot of skill in the baking department.

These are easy to modify to give a little more or a little less spice.  You know what your family and friends will like.  Make it your own blend.

Chermoula Salmon

Chermoula Salmon

The holidays aren't limited to turkey or roasts.  These days a good salmon dish makes the headlines in my family.  I love this recipe from Piquant Post!

This recipe for a Moroccan-inspired pan-seared salmon teaches you the technique of pan-basting for faster cooking and for achieving a crispy layer on juicy fish. Serve over a bed of lightly dressed mixed greens or grains with plenty of lemon on the side.

Zesty Caramelized Carrots

carrots- cooked2
These carrots have been made so many times in my house.  Sometimes spicey and sometimes sweeter, depending on what I'm serving them with.  We always love the fresh baby carrots from the farmer's market when we can get them.

They are always beautiful and wow my guests.  You can use lovely multicolored carrots for even more wow factor!


Green Beans with Shallot Vinaigrette


The same mushy green bean casserole year after year? No thanks!  This crunchy blend can be served hot or cold.  Take it to the potluck or serve it at your own gathering.  Vegetarian, Gluten-free, and oh so yummy!



Copycat Starbucks Caramel Apple Cider Recipe

This is our house favorite when we have people over for game nights in the winter. I always make up a big batch and put it in the CrockPot to stay warm all night and fill the kitchen with yummy smells. 

It's easy to put together before the party and pour into the pot to heat up before your event.

Five Minute Festive Cranberry Salsa

I've made so many variations of this easy recipe for holiday parties and family get-togethers. It is always the first thing gone and we always get so many compliments on it.  

I try to make this dish a day or two ahead of time, so it really has time to marry together in flavors. It's sooo good!

Blackberry Thyme Baked Brie En Croute

Holiday food

This baked brie recipe from Country Cleaver is so easy and beautiful! We always make a baked brie for our friends and family.  And it never fails to wow my guests. 

This one you need to pull out of the oven and serve right away. It's perfect when it oozes out and your guests can scoop up the rich cheese with crackers or bread.

White Chocolate Peppermint Pretzels

holiday party food

These pretzels are so easy to make, you can put the kids in charge! I love the sweet and salty flavors in the pretzels.  They are easy to make and they really feel like a holiday treat! 

Tortellini Party Snacks

holiday Party food

Don't let your guests leave hungry.  That's my party moto.  I always like to make sure there are plenty of options for my guests to munch on.  We always have plenty of vegetarian and vegan holiday food options for our friends and family.

What do you think about this collection?  Which ones will you try?  Do you have a special recipe you would like to share?

Talk to us in the comments!


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