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There are few seasons l like more than summer, but Fall is quickly starting feel like the place where I want to be. It's growing on me, year after year I find something else that draws me into the embrace of Fall's enchantment.

Summer was my season. I love the warm lazy days, sleeping in late, and don't forget the fireflies.  Summer has it's own vacation title, people go away for “Summer Vacation” and enjoy summer places like the beach and camping trips.  You have summer activities that bring you back to the thrill of your youth, swimming and popsicles dripping down your hands make you feel like a little child again.  Few other seasons for me have that magic.

Fall feels is older, sophisticated, and has its own acquired taste. Children don't daydream of wrapping up on layers, scarves and rain boots. They don't get the obsession with pumpkin-spiced everything and race to get on with Winter.  Fall is soothing with overcast rainy days that beg for wood fires and apple cider but doesn't bite with icy paths, wind chills, and peppermint.

I probably always loved Fall just a tiny bit only because of Halloween. Summer just doesn't hold the holiday charm the other seasons enjoy. The spooky sound of fallen leaves chasing you down the sidewalk, moody weather that threatens both sun and rain, and the thrill of haunted decorations always came to mind when fall came around. Halloween was and is my favorite night. However, once the magic night passed it seemed as if Winter marched in and took over.

Fall isn't a huge shopping success. Stores are packed and prepped for summer wear, sunscreen coated vacations and BBQing success stories. Then once the watermelons and flip-flops are cleared away the shopping gods then move quickly into Christmas prep.  Blue and Silver snowflakes announce how many days until Winter has officially started, Christmas is the new herald of Winter, not the equinox. Fall seems to be satisfied with not demanding too much fuss, perhaps just an auburn nutmeg scented candle or leafy paper napkin will do.

The subtle move towards peace, early nights, and snuggling on the couch whisper through the brisk fall air. Things are slowing down, families are gathering for warm embraces and comfort foods. Fall is for lovers of old books, bearded men, and introverts.   Unlike Spring when I reach for my umbrella and forage for signs of life and bloom, Fall tells me it's time to settle in and relax for a while.  I'll stroll through recipes filled with baked loaves of bread and stews made from the roots vegetables, not thinking of winter but enjoying the chance for another warm sunny afternoon on the front porch watching the squirrels play.

Farewell Summer fantasies, hammock naps, and farmer's markets. Today Fall takes the front row and welcomes me home with pinecones and flannel.

– Crysta 

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15 thoughts on “Falling for Fall”

  1. Never thought of Fall being an acquired taste because I love it so much but you’re right! As a child, summer was my thing and now that I am older Fall is definitely my season 🙂 Beautiful writing, looking forward to reading more!

  2. I’m I Australia where it’s spring now, however some fall things are being sold (like those pumpkin spiced lattes) and makes me miss it and want to read things like this, plus your writing makes me miss it even more haha. It really does suck how short it feels, which might contribute to enjoying it more because it’s not so drawn out and over the top, it’s just there. Your writing is amazing and I’m glad you wrote this haha. I hope you enjoy fall as long as it’s around!

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