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Not all essential oil diffusers are the same

We looked high and low to find a non-plastic waterless essential oil diffuser. And we found one little machine that packs a powerful punch and rose above the rest. 

Do you love essential oils but not the plastic that many diffusers are made of? We tested Organic Aromas Raindrop Nebulizing Diffusers and we share our thoughts about the newest innovations in aromatherapy.

Dancing With Fireflies reviews only products that meet our high standards and codes of conduct. 

We have been a big fan of Organic Aromas for a long time. So when they offered to send us one of their new personalized nebulizers, we were so excited!

Plastic essential oils diffusers break down and the plastic is diffused into the air you breathe.  Essential oils can't be held in plastic because it will destroy the plastic in a few days. This is why all essential oils come in glass bottles.

non-plastic water-less essential oil diffuser

15 great reasons to use a nebulizer for your essential oils

  • Boost your mood with essential oils like citrus, use waterless so you get full strength without breaking the oils apart.
  • Fight depression and anxiety with peppermint
  • Many essential oils are antiviral like oregano
  • Keep the air cleaner with antibacterial essential oils. Diffusers that have plastic parts leach the toxic plastics into the oils.
  • Sleep better at night with lavender
  • Clear nasal passages to breath easier with eucalyptus
  • Fight allergies with rosemary
  • Dissolve congestions with peppermint oil
  • Feel cooler with a mist and minty scents
  • Balance your hormones with cinnamon
  • Enhance memory with lemon
  • Shoo away the bugs with lemongrass
  • Sooth pain with ginger
  • Breathe away headaches with clary sage
  • Relax in your workplace with calming scents.

Type:Raindrop – Nebulizing Diffuser®

Price: $95.00 – $125.00

Shipping: Free with $30 or above

This is the most powerful diffuser on the market. It contains NO PLASTIC at all. It will not corrupt, dilute, or destroy your essential oils. 

It is quiet, clean, and safe.  I love all of the unique designs. It makes a great gift for anyone who loves essential oils.

Our new Raindrop diffuser has also been laser engraved with our Dancing With Fireflies logo and I LOVE that!  You can choose your own design and they will engrave it.  SO CUTE! 


non-plastic waterless essential oil diffuser.

Besides being beautiful, this little diffuser is powerful! Because it doesn't water down the essential oils, you don't need as much to fill the room with scent. It is so quiet and it only takes minutes to send a burst of oils into the room using the Bernoullis Principle.

These also are very low energy, because it has a cycling function of going off and on for 2 minutes.  Because you are atomizing instead of misting with water, you can saturate the air with rooms up to 800+ sq ft.  

I run mine on low because it is so strong. 

This diffuser is perfect for the office or your kitchen, and it doesn't use any heat which can tear apart essential oils and change the scent.


We want to thank Organic Aromas for sending us their beautiful device to try.  We enjoyed this review and love our personalized diffuser!

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