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Take action today to simplify your life and your home!

Today we have 100 ways you can easily simplify your life and your home. Baby steps anyone can do, and things that might be a challenge but will help you master the clutter!

I know like myself, many of you have walked through your house and wondered how it has gotten so cluttered. I'm going to let you in on something, it's not the physical things that have made it that way.  It's your state of mind

I get it, I really do. A few years ago, I had 5 teenagers living at home in various stages of adulthood. My husband traveled a lot and on top of that, I was struggling to manage my Lyme Disease

My house and my life were a mess and I didn't know how to fix either of them. 

Let me tell you, that all is not lost.  

One day at a time, you can simplify and thrive.

One of the best things that I did for myself was to start getting some help for my depression and anxiety.  I tried a few different therapists until I found one that I could really click and learn from.

It's hard to face your issues.  You have to take each day as a whole new chance to get it right. The work is worth it, YOU are worth it.

100 ways to simplify your life and your home

Your home is a reflection of your state of mind.

I am going to stay that again.  Your home is reflecting your state of mind and the clutter in your home is also clutter in your mind. You can't fix one without fixing the other. 

No blog is going to magically cure one without helping you manage the other.

Declutter your thoughts and take your first baby steps towards a cleaner house and mind.

  1. When I first started to tackle trying to clean up my home, I realized that I needed to first start with my thoughts.  I started learning about mindfulness and how it can help you to quiet the mind traffic and help you to focus on the task.
  2. Every day take 10 minutes to practice shutting off the valve of thoughts.  This means giving yourself permission and being okay with letting things go for a few minutes.
  3. Learn to forgive yourself for practicing self-love.
  4. You are not perfect, and that's okay.  Tell yourself this whenever you feel stressed about how your life is going.
  5. Keep a notebook close for whenever you are done with your quiet time for all of those things that refused to be let go. You can work on them later.
100 ways to simplify your life and your home

Baby Steps are still steps forward

6. Look around right now and find 5 things that you can throw away.  Don't think, just do it.

7. We hold on to things as markers in time, a place attached to memories. If you find that you are holding on to items that make you think of sad or difficult times, now is the time to get them out of your life for good!

8. Go make your bed.  Really… go do it. Make it every morning and make a habit out of it. When you come into your room at night, it should feel like a clean, refreshing space. A cluttered bed, brings on cluttered dreams.

9.  There are things in every room that you have no idea how they got there or why you still have them.  Today is the day they move on to a new life somewhere else.  Everything in your home needs to have a reason and a purpose.  If you don't know why it's there, then it's time to move on.

10. Congratulate yourself for making a change for the better today! You did it!

Room by room, making peace and simplifying life


11.  Never leave the sink dirty.  It takes just a few minutes to keep it shiny.

12. If it's cracked, chipped, or stained – ditch it!

13. If you haven't used it in a year, it's time to donate it.

14. Buy what you need.  Don't hoard food.

15. Take everything out of your kitchen and only put back what you actually use.  The rest gets donated.

16. Clean the kitchen every night after dinner. Don't wait til morning.

17. Mail does not belong in the kitchen.  

18. Clean as you cook.  

19. Put things away as soon as you are done with them, waiting just takes longer in the end.

20. Write the date on condiments and leftovers.  Use leftovers within a week and condiments within a month. Then toss!


Mentally cleaning is as important as physically cleaning.

Declutter your thoughts

21. Purge Facebook of anyone who doesn't make you happy. ANYONE!

22. Stop using words that make you feel sad or angry – “Fat” is my word and it always makes me sad.

23. Take time each day just for you.

24. On your birthday, buy yourself the one gift you wish you would receive. 

25. Practice walking mediations.  

26. Listen before you speak.

27. Do one thing at a time. And do it well.

28.  Enjoy the little things.

29. Notice every sensation. Good and Bad. Just noticing that they exist and letting it go or enjoying the moment.

30. Stretch your body, and breath deeply whenever you get out of bed.


Living Room

31. Don't buy stuff to store stuff.  Purge instead.

32. Don't get magazine subscriptions.  You'll never read them all.

33.  Set a timer for 5 minutes every day before watching TV to clean and declutter your living room.

34. Learn to live with less.

35. Hang up your coat when you come home.

36. You don't have to keep everything you have been given.

37. You don't have to keep everything you have paid for.

38. Look around the room, does it really belong there?  If not, put it away.

39. If it doesn't have a place where it belongs, get rid of it.

40.  Rearrange your living room and make it into the “calm room” .

Take personal actions to calm your life.

41. Take a walk.

42. Soak in the tub.

43. Practice Yoga

44. Call a friend and don't gossip!

45. Don't overthink everything.

46. Take up gardening.

47. Start a new gratitude journal.

48. Buy new flowers for your kitchen table.

49. Notice how good the shower feels at the perfect temperature.

50. Light your favorite candle.

Simplify your life and your thoughts

Dining Room

51. Keep your table clear.

52. Wipe down all of the surfaces.

53. Use the “Good” tableware and glasses, what are you waiting for?

54. Toss anything that you don't use.

55.  If you are hiding things in the dining room, stop it!

56. Make your dining room clutter-free, sharing this space with friends and family not junk.

57. Make a monthly meal plan, with a grocery list.

58. Save your meal plan to your phone's calendar and take a photo of your grocery list. 

59. Pay your bills online and go paperless.

60. Clear the whole room and leave it empty for a week. See how big the space is and enjoy it before adding anything back in it.

Change Starts With YOU

61. Make a list of everything you like about yourself.

62. Make a list of everything your special person or dog likes about you.

63. Look through your social media feeds and make a list of 10 people you admire and list why.

64. Write a letter to your future self and share your favorite parts of your life.

65. Write a letter to your teenage or younger self, explaining what you have done since then.

66. Be proud of all that you have accomplished and share those accomplishments with a friend.

67.  Treat yourself with the same respect you wish others would treat you with.

68.  Get up early so you have time to do something that makes you feel good before you leave home.

69. Play music you love on your way to work.

70. Sing your favorite songs in a playlist of your life!


71. Your bedroom is not your child's playroom. Remember that.

72. Unplug 1 hour before you plan to go to sleep. 

73. Don't leave your dirty laundry on the floor.

74. Declutter your bedside table.

75. Vacuum and keep it dust-free for better sleeping. 

76. No pets in your bed. As tempting as it is, pets wake you up.

77.  Really evaluate who you are sleeping with and why.

78. Get rid of old bedding.

79. Your bedroom is for relaxing, so don't bring your work to bed.

80. Wipe down the whole room and get rid of clutter hiding in weird places.

Simplifying your life means making new habits

81. Set monthly goals.

82. Drink more water.

83. Stop buying things you don't need.

84. Use your crockpot and enjoy coming home to a hot dinner.

85. Listen to more audiobooks.

86. Keep a healthy snack in your bag.

87. Slow down.

88. Learn to say NO.

89. Set clear boundaries.

90. Choose your battles.

100 ways

91. Accept others for who they are.

92. Stay out of other people's drama

93. Take time to clean up your house and your mind.

94. Ask yourself why you are holding on to stuff and grudges.

95. There is no such thing as perfect. So be real instead.

96. Make your own definition of success, reach your goals, and be proud of the life you are making for yourself.

97. Happy looks better than having it all.

98. Accept having enough, and love what you have.

99. It's okay to ask for help.

100. Do a happy dance for yourself when you meet your goals, like writing 100 tips!  I did it!

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