Hey Everyone!  We have a great new review from our friends over at Green Grove CBD.  They sent us a few of their best selling products to try and we are giving you our honest reviews of each of them. All of our reviews are our own opinions and we know you appreciate that honesty. 

CBD Product Review

Green Grove CBD Stands Out As A Leader!

We know there are so many  CBD companies out there to choose from. This is why you and many others rely on reading reviews from people who actually try the products and give you the truth. This means we won't give you hype.  We will tell you what we like and what we didn't.

We have worked with Green Grove in the past when we tried their salve. Back then, we weren't truly won over and it wasn't featured on Dancing With Fireflies. It didn't feel like it carried enough CBD to make an impact.

This time they sent us 4 new products to try and some of them were very impressive!

One of the things that I really like about Green Grove is that they plant a real live tree for every purchase. But the products stand out and I was very impressed.

Full Family CBD Product Review

Green Grove sent something for everyone!

I tried the Mint 500 mg CBD tincture and the Apple flavored 20 mg gummies.

Friends of ours tried the CBD Energy drink packets for me because I have a heart condition and I can't do any energy drinks.

And Wynter and Riley tried the pet CBD capsules.

What CBD Products we liked:

All of Green Grove CBD products contain Zero (0.0%) THC.  You will not get high with these hemp-based products.  They are made from organically grown hemp. They use the most advanced nanotechnology and high-quality lab testing, so you can feel safe knowing you are in good hands.

Mint tincture: Tinctures are one of the easiest ways to use CBD because you can measure out exactly how much you need to take and you can use it in different ways – under the tongue or even in food!  This tincture uses both hemp seed oil and grape seed oil as the carrier and organic peppermint essential oil.  This tincture does not contain any alcohol. 

Peppermint oil acts as an expectorant and decongestant,  and I keep it handy for coughs and colds.  I used this tincture when I was feeling under the weather and I actually rubbed it on my chest and I loved the soothing feeling.  You can take this orally, but I love finding new ways to enjoy CBD. 

CBD Product REview - Green Grove CBD

Apple Gummies  These gummies are different from some of the others that I have tried.  The Green Grove Apple gummies are vegan, so the texture is more like a fruit snack, soft but not too chewy.  However, I will say that the hemp flavor is very strong in these gummies.  

Each piece delivers 20mg of THC-FREE CBD.  I don't mind the taste, because I like that there is no gelatin in them.  Being a pescatarian ( A vegetarian who eats fish)  I have a hard time finding gummies without gelatin which is made from animals. People who are keeping kosher also stay away from most gelatin products, so this is a great option. 

CBD Energy + Focus Drink Mix 

I know a lot of you are still drinking energy drinks. And my friend Richard is one of those people who needs a pick-up and go in the afternoon running from house to house as a real estate agent. But getting in and out of the car has been painful for him after he started having some back pain.  Not wanting to take anything that might slow him down or impair him so he couldn't drive, he volunteered to give these CBD energy drink powders a go for me.  The result?  SOLD!  He loved the flavor and the right amount of energy that helped not only with keeping his day moving, but for his intense workouts.  CBD can be very helpful both before and after a workout to prevent muscle aches.

CBD Pet Capusules- Wynter and Riley both take CBD every morning.  But we are very picky about what companies we trust with our dogs. After reading the lab results and checking out Green Grove, we let our guys do their reviews.  

Wynter didn't like the capsules.  She prefers a tincture over her food in the morning.  So she did keep spitting them out. 

Riley is always more willing.  But the size of the capsules wasn't fabulous for him. Although he didn't put much of a fight when we hid them in treats.  But it is a little more work.  So I probably wouldn't keep this option up long.  If your pet is good with taking gel capsules, then this might be for you!


Green Grove is very popular, so a lot of the products sell out pretty fast. So sometimes they don't show up in the storefront.  But I do suggest that you check back again for your favorite items.  

The only product I really didn't care for are the gummies. I just don't like the taste and that's about it.


Green Grove CBD products are priced comparable to other reputable CBD companies.  And this is where we STRONGLY recommend that you buy direct from reputable companies like Green Grove, rather than places like gas stations, vape shops, ect. Because you know that what you are getting is 100% pure and hasn't been mixed with anything that could possibly endanger your health. 

We want you to buy from reputable companies that offer safe and effective products. 

Where can you get Green Grove CBD products?

We are thrilled to have Green Grove CBD as one of our approved partners.  We hope that you give them a try and tell us what you think!

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