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Why You Really Need To Be Drinking More Tea

“A cup of tea would restore my normality.”

[Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, Screenplay]”
― Douglas Adams

Taking time out of your day to stop whatever you are doing, take a deep breathe and make a cup of tea is quite simply the best way to refresh your day midway through.

I love this tradition of making time to sit and take a few minutes to center your mind and regroup for the rest of the afternoon.  It isn't lunch, because we all know that can be rushed through and done while multitasking.

Taking Time For Tea

In London‘s finest hotels, Afternoon Tea is the highlight of the afternoon with delicate pastries, scones, and sweet jams, and don't forget the cups of tea served in delicate china teacups.

There is an effort made to make Tea Time special and that effort results in a relaxing and luxurious pause in the day.

In our own lives, we can create this ritual of relaxation for ourselves.  I love a cup of Earl Grey with cream and sugar. The bergamot in Earl Gray is so soothing, that I instantly I feel myself relaxing.

Tea drinkers all agree that tea has a unique flare.  It never professes to kickstart your day or get you moving.  But it has promised to relieve stress and help you to feel calmer. 

I'm not saying I don't enjoy coffee, because I am a latte fanatic. But tea is different.  However, that being said… if you really don't like tea, feel free to substitute some other delight that calms you and brings you joy.

“A woman is like a teabag – you can’t tell how strong she is until you put her in hot water.”
-Eleanor Roosevelt

earl gray tea

Tea is great for lowering stress

Tea has many medicinal properties, including reducing your stress levels with its soothing effects.   In a 2010 study done by researchers from University College London, drinking black tea decreased people's stress levels over a six-week period. Some teas even relieve anxiety naturally and soothe your digestive tract.

The act of making tea, breathing in deeply, and making the few minutes during the steeping your time to inhale and exhale profoundly is a lovely way to bring mindfulness and meditation into your tea time ritual and lower your stress level.

Have you ever had a tea latte? Trust me; it's pretty amazing.

Something sweet

Tea time is usually accompanied by something sweet like biscuits, cookies, or chocolates. I love something light and fresh, but not too much fuss.

Make an effort for yourself!

This ritual is really about self-love and the practice of slowing down and enjoying life. I love when I get out one of my beautiful teapots, take time to slowly pour the water over the tea, and use some of my nicer teacups. It always makes me feel like this is a treat and something I enjoy.  Most of the time, Tea Time is my time to take some time out and refresh.

This is the time when I change the music from Brandi Carlile or classic rock to something gentle and light.  I don't look at my phone. Instead, I'll flip through a magazine, sit in the warm sunshine and soak it in a bit,  or just get comfy on the couch and relax.

Did you know that black teas are good for your heart? This is because black teas contain polyphenols that reduce free oxygen radicals. Studies on black tea are showing that it might also reduce intestinal fat absorption and reduce weight gain. But it does have more caffeine than green tea, and you want to regulate your caffeine intake to keep your heart healthy.

coffee alternative tea

Making time for mental health

This little moment has to be a priority that you set for yourself. It won't always be easy, but once you get into a routine, you will start to find that you need that time, and you will work out ways to carve it out of your day.

This is a mental health break, and taking time to focus on your own mental health has to be just as important as keeping up with social media, some silly game on your phone, or whatever else you do that takes the same 10 minutes a day.

We all have busy lives. But when we realize how much time we actually kill doing silly things instead of strengthening our mental health, we start focusing on what's important.

Caffeine-free tea

Some of you, like myself, have committed to lower your caffeine intake. There are so many great caffeine-free teas available that can be fun to explore new ones. Most herbal teas, made from dried flowers, have no caffeine or are low in caffeine.

Green teas almost always have some caffeine in it. However, green teas don't have the same intensity as coffee does.

Rooibos-based teas are delightful, and don't forget the fruity teas.

Strawberry fields tea from the tea spot

Tea party, anyone?

Tea time can be the perfect time to reconnect with someone special. It's a way to have a quiet conversation and create some fond memories. So invite one or two friends over for Tea Time and see how much fun you can have!

  • Tea parties are simple and don't require a lot of preparation.
  • Use the “Good China” if you have it. Why do you have things you will never use? Get it out and use it because it feels nice to be able to enjoy the good stuff.
  • Pick up light snacks like little cookies, or cut tiny sandwiches.  Something light to nibble on is always appreciated.
  • Light music softens the room.
  • Enjoy it!

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