This week our Riley has been fighting an ear infection again.  It's common in long ear dogs like cockers and beagles.  We have been fighting ear problems his whole life. But this time we have found the magic concoction that really kicked it fast.

We have tried everything in the last few years.  We have been through so many different drops and cleaners, but anytime Riley gets his ears wet, it ends up badly.  So we are pretty good about making sure his ears are dried very well after every bath or swim. However, we forgot after taking him out of a walk last week when it was raining heavily. And in the middle of the night, ( Why is it always in the middle of the night?? ) he ended up digging at his ears and shaking his head.  I knew right away we had to get on top of this before it got worse.


What worked for Riley

We love TruDog's ClearMe,  So this is the first thing we reach for when he's having a problem.  The Aloe Vera helps to seethe and calm the irritation and relieve the pain. The aloe calms him right away. ClearMe also works to clear the wax and dry out his ear.  It also makes it difficult for bacteria or fungal infections to grow in the ear. We love ClearMe and the reviews are great from other pet parents.

TruDog – ClearMe

I noticed that he had already scratched a few raw spots in his ear, so I grabbed some Joy Organics CBD salve and applied it right to the painful areas.  CBD is a natural anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, and reduces pain quickly.  In a few minutes, Riley was feeling much better and wasn't digging at his ears.

Dog's Ears are shaped differently.

A dogs ear canal is actually shaped like an L, vertical towards their jaw and then a 45% turn horizontally toward their eardrum. This makes dogs more predisposed to a variety of ear ailments like parasites and yeast infections. Because your dog's inner ears are twisty and curvy, it's easy for parasites, bacteria, and yeast to hide and thrive in them. This also means that debris in the canal must work it's way up to escape.

I also upped his daily CBD to give him a health boost so he can naturally fight off any infection and inflammation.  We give our dogs CBD every morning over their dog food with CBD tincture and we have seen great improvements in their health. Even the shedding is down dramatically!

CBD salve

What to watch:

We have been working with our vets for years to treat Riley's ear issues.  He has allergies and he's easy to get funky ears.  However, we are not giving any veterinary advice.  If your dog has discharge, blood, or is in pain, take them to the vet right away!  If you do not see improvement in a couple of days, please see your vet.

Dogs don't often show pain or discomfort in the ways we think of.  Sometimes they can act out, start to show some aggressive actions or even try to sleep more.  But most of the time, they will suffer in silence for a while.  This is why we are very pro-active in giving our dogs a weekly belly rub time.  In this time we check their ears, eyes, teeth, and feet.  These are areas where little things can get out of hand quickly if they go unchecked.

Please note that home treatments are no substitute for routine vet care.  

Do you have any other dog-related questions?  Ask us!

Here is what we used:

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