Happy Birthday Wynter!

    img_2748 She's getting older.  Even though I don't want to admit it, my sweet girl is 9 years old and even though for her breed ( Jindo- Shiba) that isn't terribly old.  She is still a “senior dog” and there are things that come with age. This is why we tried TruDog Free Me joint support. At her last vet visit, we started to discuss how to keep her joints healthy, adding in senior care vitamin support, and making sure her quality of life remained high as she ages. It's important to talk with your vet about how to care for aging dogs.   In addition to regular activity, special games to keep her hunting skills up, it was time to start adding in a joint supplement.  This is when we turned to Trudog and discovered Free Me I love that FREE ME is sugar-free, wheat-free, corn-free, and soy-free. I don't want to give her other health-related issues while trying to make sure I'm keeping her feeling her best.

Key Benefits of Free Me

  • Reduces inflammation
  • Increases range of motion
  • Increases joint cushioning
  • Reduces discomfort
  • Scientifically tested to be fast and effective

Picky Eater Test

To be honest, when I first offered it to her she was a little reluctant. She will often turn her nose to new things, so this wasn't too concerning.  However, after flipping it over a few times, she did take a nibble. She let it sit on the floor for a few minutes, then actually came back and ate it.  YAY! Trudog Free Me review The next day I offered it to her again, this time she knew what to expect and this time took it and finished it. Now, she's happy to get these as a mid-afternoon treat.

Easing Pain

This week, Wynter and Riley got a little too rowdy and it was clear that she was actually starting to feel some discomfort. Yes, I freaked out… Wynter is never like this. We wrapped her up in her blanket, heated her up and I gave her a few Free Me treats.  I knew she'd pulled something when she tried to scratch her nose and just seemed like it hurt. For 3 days I kept an eye on her, gave her double the treats, and worried that this was going to be a long-term issue.  That is until I was in my office writing and I heard her run and tackle Riley and drag him around the living room.  She's fine.   And I know it has a lot to do with giving her the Free Me. Honestly, it made ME feel better knowing I could do something to help her to feel better without heavy pain meds.  I love this product and I know Wynter loves it too.

FREE ME Joint and Flexibility Daily Supplement Soft Chews from: TruDog

Trudog Free Me Ingredients:

Vitamin C (as Ascorbic Acid), LD1000 Proprietary Blend, AstraGin, Astaxanthin, Biovaplex, Collagen (from Bovine Source), Cetyl Myristoleate, Hyalunronic Acid, Boron Asparte Citrate. The best part is that their formula is produced right here in the USA, Florida to be exact, with the sole purpose of being the best possible all natural joint product you can get.   Trudog Free Me

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