For the last ten years, my best friend has stood by my side through thick and thin.  She stayed close while I grieved the losses, licked my face when I attempted to do yoga, and traveled around the country with me.  Now she’s getting older, I have been looking to help make sure her golden years are pain-free.

Since starting Wynter on CBD we have seen her health improve dramatically.  She no longer sheds as heavily as she used to, her coat is so soft and shiny. Her eyes are clearer than they were a year ago. And for the first time ever, she has a healthy appetite. 

We know that every dog has a different reaction and we are not giving veterinary advice. But for our dogs, CBD has been wonderful.  With so many treats and supplements out there to choose from.  We want to help you to find the best options for your best friend.

CBD oil dog treat review

In the U.S, 44 states have already legalized purchase and use of CBD products for both humans and animals. Just this week, the house just passed the Farm Bill that would legalize hemp. This is a big win for the CBD community.

CBD for Dogs

CBD oil for dogs is a critical part of his holistic veterinary care. The cannabinoids in CBD reduce pain, helps with inflammatory bowel disease, and reduces chronic inflammation

CBD also has antibiotic properties.  Vets are reporting almost miraculous results from using CBD in their patients.  From reduced tumors to improved heart murmurs, dogs are getting better with regular CBD use.

CBD Is Not Psychoactive – your dog won’t get “high” from CBD oil … your dog will be relaxed without the intoxication. This is helpful for dogs with separation anxiety, afraid of loud noises like fireworks, and even car-rides.

When choosing CBD for your dog, make sure it does not contain any THC.

Dogs have abundant receptors in their brains and have heightened sensitivity.  THC can give them static ataxia. Never EVER blow weed into your dog’s mouth or face. ( Yes, I have heard of people doing this. )

Dogs should NOT have any product with THC! A 5-year study out of Colorado showed dogs can die from ‘canine toxicosis’ due to THC ingestion. Like chocolate, THC can be potentially toxic – even fatal.

Fighting Canine Cancer with CBD

Qbert was one of the smartest and best dogs I've ever met. But sadly, Q developed cancer and a tumor on his heart. His family did everything they could do save Qbert, but sadly he lost his battle with this terrible disease. After he died my heart broke and I began researching alternative treatments for canine cancer.

dogs with cancer

CBD found in hemp and cannabis is fighting canine cancer and winning. Veterinarians have reported that CBD oils has anti-tumor effects and has drastically reduced tumor sizes. CBD has even been shown to stop cancer cells from growing and increased tumor cell death in both dogs and humans.

CBD Can Treat Seizures And Epilepsy.

I have a love for special needs dogs. Many years ago I had a Dalmatian, named Bodie who had seizures. They were awful and scary for both of us.

It’s estimated that up to 5% of dogs suffer from seizures. Bodie was put on phenobarbital and potassium bromide. It didn’t stop the seizing, the drugs made him sick and tired. Seizure drugs can be extremely harmful to your dog’s liver and other organs.

CBD has been shown to work well in drug-resistant epilepsy. Veterinarians are prescribing CBD oil for seizures because it doesn't have the same side-effects on the liver.

This week we have been trying new treats by Joy Organics – their CBD Dog Treats.

I know that giving my dogs CBD is improving their health and quality of life. But it can be a little tricky giving them pills or drops.  So I prefer giving them pre-medicated treats.

As a picky eater, it isn’t uncommon for Wynter not to like a treat. She’ll give it a sniff and walk away.  These treats are soft, but not smooshy. I like that they are small enough for a quick bit but not too many calories.

Wynter doesn’t eat well.  It’s a problem we have had all of her life. But with a little CBD, she eats well and has even asked for more. CBD increases appetite.

Riley Too

Riley has also been taking them to help with his Addison’s disease.  He has a severe reaction to poultry, and this is one of the few CBD treats without chicken or wheat.  For him, CBD settles him right down and doesn’t over-react to sounds and his anxiety licking has soothed.  Addison’s disease means he doesn’t produce the right hormones to control stress.  He is in freak out mode all the time unless medicated.  So while we are keeping him on a low dose of his regular meds, we are watching to see how he’ll do on higher CBD doses.  So far, he seems to be pretty chill!

Riley and Joy Organic CBD treat


Each bag contains 30 treats.  That’s 60mg of CBD in each bag for $34.95.  The cost breakdown is about $1.16 a treat.  That can be kind of pricey but keep in mind natural treatments are healthier for your dog in the long run. Holistic treats and all natural ingredients are typically more expensive than their artificial counterparts.

There are cheaper CBD treats out there, but they are often “infused” with CBD and do not have an exact amount of CBD in each treat. Which can also mean that the amount of CBD can be very little or even no CBD at all.  Several of the cheaper treats have been tested and found to contain no CBD.  Which is very frustrating because the common user would have no idea.

These are not treats, but supplements for your dog’s health.

We love Joy Organic CBD Dog Treats.  

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