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Who else love fancy coffee?

From the first hot silky sip that slowly rolls over my tongue and warms my belly, I fall in love with coffee over and over again.  But not the plain jane black coffee, the drip coffee that can be found at every gas station and Waffle House.  I love fancy coffee… a good creamy latte is my heart and joy. And if my barista can master a tulip or a kitty, I'm in love for life!

I didn't start drinking coffee until I was in my 30's. After my children were out of diapers and off to school, I learned how to take some time for little pleasures just for me. I discovered I adore little coffee houses with Indie music and fresh made whipped cream.  But Starbucks is really my second home since where I live isn't a coffee haven since we left Seattle.

What's your order?  Do you experiment with different flavors?  Or are you like my husband, with a standard order everytime?


Fancy Coffee

Creating Coffeehouse Lattes At Home Isn't Impossible

I'm not sure I know anyone who can afford to indulge in a daily fancy coffee outing. I can lose myself for hours and spend $20 easily relaxing in comfy chairs, sipping lattes and nibbling on scones.

Instead, I treat myself at home to my own housemade blends and I've even been working on my latte art! ( I've mastered clouds, Slimer from Ghostbusters, and once a fat sheep!)

I've explored coffee houses from Seattle to London and there are so many different styles of coffee brewing in them!  Then I started collecting tips and flavor combinations for my own home recipes.


Our Latte Recipes:

Almond Raspberry CBD Latte

Caribean Dream

Raspberry White Chocolate Latte

Oh Canada!

Sweet Caroline

These are just a few of our latte recipe creations. I find that in the cooler weather, I'm always more inspired to create more hot drinks than cold. But we have come up with quite a few cold options too.

Even though espresso is my favorite. I am also a huge tea drinker. In our family, a vanilla London Fog latte is a house favorite. 

But nothing can ever replace fancy coffee!

Do you have a recipe to share? We would love to see it in the comments OR tag us on your social media!

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