Do you snore or live with someone who does? This week, guest blogger Katherine Dilworth shares her tips for helping your partner stop snoring so you both can have a better night's sleep both at home and while traveling.


What causes snoring?

A snore is a bizarre snort usually caused by the obstruction of air flow through the mouth and nose. This congestion can be due to varied reasons like bulky throat tissue, poor muscle tone and long soft uvula. These flabby dangling tissues basically collapse and fall back into the airway. This particular activity is catalyzed by excessive alcohol consumption, sleeping pills and even normal ageing process.

It is a well-known fact that you cannot snore and dream at the same time, and what’s the point of a life without dreams! Now, just about everyone snores occasionally, but if you regularly snore at night, it not only harms your entire body system but is an equal nuisance for your husband/wife that may lead to eventual relationship problems. But true love is beyond all that. Thankfully there are remedies other than sleeping in separate rooms.

Top ten best remedies to cure snoring are listed below.

• First and foremost, maintain a healthy and balanced diet. If not, the fatty muscles surrounding your neck choke the airway and prevent air from flowing in and out freely, leading to a heavy vibrating snore.
• Sleeping position plays a crucial role in preventing snoring issues. Try to sleep on one side than on your back. It prevents heavy chunks of excessive fatty tissue under your chin to relax and squash your nasal airway.


• Improve on your lifestyle, cut down on smoking and drinking habits. Alcohol tends to over-relax the muscles than usual. This added relaxation makes the muscles around the throat to collapse more conveniently which leads to heavy snoring. On the other hand smoking causes irritation, narrowing of the nasal cavity and throat causing enhanced swelling and congestion. This very congestion of the nasal cavity makes it difficult to breathe.

• Use of higher pillows.

• Intake of supplements like peppermint, goldenseal, spearmint, fenugreek and vitamin C. These herbs and vitamins can help your body get rid of snoring by improving your digestion system and ameliorating the swollen nasal passage. We suggest CBD with peppermint.

• Clear your nasal passages. If you are suffering from sinus or have reduced immunity towards cold and cough, you may always have a stuffy nose. Make it a point to rinse your nose with saline before bed. Usage of nasal decongestant or nasal strips will certainly help you breathe more freely.

• Try to keep your surroundings moist as dry air can highly sensitize the membranes in nose and throat. In such cases, a humidifier may always help.

• Certain vocal exercises also strengthen the muscles of the upper respiratory tract like pronouncing certain vowels sound and curling of tongue in specific ways reduce snoring to a high level.

• Drinking plenty of fluids causes secretions in your nose and soft palate becomes even stickier and firm, thus preventing heavy snoring. So, make sure to stay well hydrated at all times.

• Make sure to regularly rinse your nasal passage, preventing excessive clogging. If you are allergic to dust mite, pollen and pet dander, make a genuine effort to vacuum clean your sleeping area or use an allergy medication.

Final Word

Snoring can be a nightmare for the snorer, the partner and those around them. It causes multiple issues like reduced mental functioning, sleepiness, emotional upsetting, etc. In case of severe cases it may even indicate towards obstructive apnea whereby there is a constant struggle for breathing at night leading to sudden choking. Snoring is no doubt annoying as it disrupts the peaceful sleep of all, but more importantly, it may indicate a serious health condition. One must not take it lightly and see one’s doctor regarding heavy snoring and also ponder upon the above remedy options to help you get a controlled, peaceful and dreamy sleep.

As a husband/wife of a snoring partner, be mindful of the fact that they are suffering as much as you are. You need to keep your calm and communicate your concerns efficiently and slowly get rid of this problem. Remember, “In sickness and in health”!

Author Bio-
Katherine Dilworth is a wife, mother and a blogger and she writes on, this blog provides exclusive information on Why do People Snore and Snoring Solutions.

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