Hey everyone! I have a brand new for you today… and it's not what you think.  Today we are reviewing blogging blogs and podcasts.

We are going to cruise some of the good ones, the crappy ones, and the ones that started off good and then… well… let's see.


As a blogger, part of my regular work is to read, listen, and learn as much as I can about my field of work. I really enjoy this exploration and I have learned so much about how to be a better blogger.

But not all of the blogging “experts” are created equal.  In fact, there are thousands of “How to Blog” creators out there but very few of true value.

However there are a few that stand out for both good and bad reasons.


This is absolutely my favorite go-to place for inspiration about blogging as well as how to actually be better at running my business. I enjoy the personal stories, the things that he has learned from blogging that are not only good but the stories of what he'd done that didn't work out.

I think his blog is clear and easy to navigate.  I like the way it is set up where you can join him in several ways and if you just want to read it, you can do that with ease.

Darren makes me want to follow him and be a pro-blogger.

That being said, in the last year even Darren and Problogger has been lacking new material.  It's great what they do have, but it was better a couple of years ago.


Daniela's blog was one of my go-to blogs.  However, the difference between her blog and Darren's blog is that finding the information I want to read is often difficult to find. Following her on was Facebook the easiest way to actually find the articles. However, her main sight makes my head spin a bit. So I try to stay away from just going to the main page.

The information is good, but there is a lot of in your face “pay me to teach you” nonsense now. So you have to pick through it and find the good tid-bits.


This blog is actually pretty good. It has a lot of decent information and it is geared towards writers. But it can be a little bland. It is easy to navigate, it is simple to read. What I do like, oddly, is that it does lack some of the professional dynamics. However, I enjoy the articles. 

But for the love of cheese, Ali… don't turn your blog into another blog about blogging.  I saw that post, Ali… I know where you think you should go.  I know why… cause there's no money in blogging about writing.  But don't…. do what you are good at!




CopyBlogger.com is freaking amazing and you should read this one. Seriously, go right after you finish my amazing post and read through the posts.  One of the things that I love about Copyblogger is that the posts are trustworthy and helpful.  Free, helpful tips without shoving paid only info down your throat.  Yes!


Great blog tips, easy to navigate, and decent content.  This is why I read The Blog Herald. Sometimes it can be bland, but it is useful and to the point bland.  

I love this article on the Invisible Battle for Ad Space on Your Blog.

Because I do have a lot of guest bloggers here, we have a constant problem with sneaky ads, fraudulent ads, and even hacker attempts!  Since reading this, I've banned guest bloggers from including their own photos and if you allow guest bloggers, you should be too!

“Old blogs are often victims of these practices as hackers insert malicious code and ad placements without the knowledge of the blog owner.”

The Blog Millionaire

Brandon Gaille is one of my favorite blog podcasters. Sometimes it's a little too religious, and I tend to forward through it.  But for the most the podcasts are great. 

The podcasts don't come out very often, but the ones that I've listened to have been easy actionable items that I can use right away.  Yes, he pushes his paid content a bit, but it isn't overwhelming like some of the others.

However, the downside is that his website and blog is absolute garbage.  It's basically a page that locks you into a course waitlist and dramatic email signup. Don't waste your time with it.

Blogging Your Passion

I've been a long-time listener of this podcast.  I love turning it on during my morning shower and getting some tips that will help increase my productivity and give me a good “To-Do” list for the blog each day. 

The posts are pretty basic, but there is good information to be found.

What Blogging Blogs or Podcasts do you like?

I've really gone through a lot of them in my blogging journey, as I know most of you who are also bloggers have.  So I'd love to hear your thoughts on blogging blogs and podcasts.  Who are your favorites and who do you not like? 

This list is going to grow and evolve, so add in your two cents and let's get the conversation going!


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