It’s HOT! Like most people, I’ve been trying to find ways to stay cool and not think about how hot it is. And today I have to tell you, I have been so distracted that trying to stay focused on work has been HARD!

So I’ve been trying to work on a couple of new product reviews and some articles.  But I’ve really been having a hard time keeping my head focussed.  I really want to be out in the garden, playing with my neighbor’s new puppy Mila, cooking in the kitchen… anything but working.


Today we had a whole crew of people working on the house today.  We finally got the laundry room fixed, which took a lot longer than we thought… when it was installed, the installer put the connections for the washer in the wrong spot in the laundry room, and this made the washer stick right up to the door.   Then we had the guy come out and fix two of our doors that were sticking weird.  And another few guys to do some other little things.

The thing with building a custom house is that there are so many little pieces that sometimes have issues.  So even though we moved in, the process of getting the house finished is still going on.

Thankfully, I’ve been able to get a table in my office set up so I can start to get back to writing regularly.

I did have a moment to talk with the guy fixing our door today, and he was so inspiring.  His words have stuck with me all day.

He was diagnosed last winter with Stage 3B Lung Cancer.  He said he wasn’t sick at all, but his voice suddenly went out on him.  So he went to the ENT to see what was going on with his voice.  They took a chest scan and found a tumor the size of a large lemon in his chest.

After smoking for 40 years, he said he expected that this was going to be it.  It’s sad that this is the thing you think of when someone says Lung Cancer.  He said he always knew the risks and still 2 packs a day, he kept smoking.  Then he said the doctors told him his diagnosis looked grim and he needed to think about what his plans were.

I can’t imagine how scary that had to have been to know that this was how you were going to die.  Anyways, he said that his faith in a higher power became what pushed him through the hard days of chemo and radiation. Now he says that he is in full remission after months of hell.

He told me that the only thing that got him through the chemo was cannabis and that he swears that it helped to shrink his tumor and helped him to keep food down, so he didn’t need a feeding tube because his throat was bleeding and painful.

We talked a bit about cannabis and how for both of us, we saw how it helped improve our health and how the taboo of “Pot” had to be pushed aside for better health.   Then he said he would add me to his prayer list, and I gladly accepted.  We spoke about how faith in a higher power, no matter what religion, is faith is adding to the positive energy needed for health and healing.

What does this mean?

We all have our own personal beliefs about prayer, and if it does or doesn’t affect our physical health.  For me, I have a complicated relationship with G*D, and that relationship has mixed emotions.  Having come from an abusive upbringing by “Ultra Religious” people who at times claimed they were ministers of G*D and spoke his words, then behind closed doors sexually and physically destroyed children’s lives. And for a long time, whenever someone would say they would “pray for me,” it actually made me feel nauseous because it made me think of those times and the terror that those people caused.   And for a while, I rejected anything that had anything to do with Christianity because of the terrible abuse I personally suffered by people under that faith.

Anyways, time has passed, and I’ve come to accept that this outreach offering to spend a few moments of their mindfulness moments asking the “whatever” to bring health and positivity back to my life can in no way be harmful to me.  So now, I accept and welcome the prayers… the mindful energy.

This man came to me as a blessing today, reminding me that this life is full of beautiful opportunities to reflect and to be distracted by valuable life lessons.

The Old Filter

I spent WAY TOO MUCH TIME on FaceApp today looking at funny pictures I made of myself today with the OLD filter.

Why are these things so addicting?  I had to go see what Michael would look like old too.

I had to laugh and enjoy that in these “aged” filters I looked like my Gram, a bit like my Aunt Billie who in a strange relation to my day died almost 3 years ago from Lung Cancer that took her very quickly.  And then I look deeper and wonder if I look like my birth parents… a combination of people I never knew.


This is a photo of my Aunt Billie before she passed.


It’s strange looking at altered photos of yourself and looking for something familiar.

This sort of had me sad for a while, not having an older family member to call and ask questions or to look at photos with and wonder about.  So I did a little online shopping and found a few cute things for summer.  I love Pura Vida bracelets, and they have so many adorable charms now. An excellent way to melt away time and forget about the heat!

10% Off Entire Order When You Purchase $30+


I’m off to go check on Mila- the neighbor puppy and then make dinner.

Tell me how YOU are keeping cool today, and your favorite distraction!

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