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Do you have a travel bucket list? Daydream about locations beyond your borders?  I do too.  I am always reading about fantastic places to explore and I’ve been thinking a lot about the places on my bucket list and trying to turn them into a To-Do list instead.

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Mitchell Falls, Western Australia, Australia



Since I was a little girl, Australia was an adventure that I wanted to take. I've daydreamed of snorkeling the Great Barrier Reef to see the colorful fish. Or taking in Perth to relax on the beaches after a day at Kings Park or the Botanic Garden

Recently, with the Australian dollar falling, I have even more reason to book soon and take advantage of the favorable exchange rates. Their year-round mild weather means any time is a good time to visit, but the Aussie summer (December to February) is the most popular season.


Parts of my family history began in Ireland, so I’ve always been drawn to the idea of visiting. To be completely honest, my love of the faerie folk has Ireland on my dream list.

In Ireland, I’d love to see the Dublin Castle, which is home to the Chester Beatty Library. This fantastic library includes an enormous collection of beautiful illuminated manuscripts. Then I’d travel to Kilkenny, sightseeing and bargain hunting for local pottery and crafts. But before exploring noble Kilkenny Castle.

Mykonos, Greece

I’ll admit it.  I had no idea how cool Mykonos was until I watched a celebrity family’s vacation there. Then I’ve been saying since that day that Mykonos was on my To-Do List!

Mykonos has some of the most gorgeous beaches in the world, take some time to sunbathe, walk on the shores, or swim in the clear waters. You must see Panagia Paraportiani in Chora, and the amazing Windmills. Mykonos is flavored with exotic restaurants, shopping and perfect views.


My family has been talking about a trip to Israel for years. My husband has family there and one day soon, I know we will be taking a pilgrimage to visit. However, I have some travel plans to do some exploring while we are there.

We can’t miss the Dead Sea or The Old City of Jerusalem.  And I know we will have to check out the Carmel market in central Tel Aviv to do some shopping. Israel is rich is both religious and cultural history.  I so touring some of the synagogues and Yad Vashem, Jerusalem is a must.

And the list will certainly grow!  I am always learning about new places that I’d love to explore.  So my travel bucket list is a growling list, but one hopefully I am checking off too!

What’s on your Travel Bucket List?

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