Hey everyone!  I’m back to work after taking a few weeks off to put my head back on and actually get moved into our new house.  It was a crazy time, and summer is perfect for taking a blog break.

I hope all of you have been taking some time for yourselves and practicing plenty of self-love. One of the things that I noticed during my break was that when life gets crazier, those little things that you do for yourself are the first things to go.  Ugh!  I thought by taking some time off from writing and working on social media that I would actually have more time for yoga, meditation, and taking care of my needs.  But instead, this break came at the same time as some big life moments, and I actually found myself getting really emotionally overwhelmed.

So, I’m back to work now.  And it feels really good! 

Coming back, I feel like I have this new fresh brain and ideas.  I’m ready to get moving forward.  That being said, we do have a few new product reviews that I’ll be working on getting out to you in the next few weeks.  I tried some great new CBD products on my hiatus. And I tried a few that were not so wonderful, and I’ll be bringing you those reviews too!

Riley and Wynter also did some product testing of dog products. They were more than happy to get some treats during our move.  Moving is so stressful on pets, so we tried to make sure they were happy and not too freaked out with all of the big changes.  Wynter actually did pretty well over the 4th of July with some CBD treats this year, and as always making sure we were paying attention to her emotional needs.

We LOVE our new house.

It’s been fun looking for new farmhouse décor and finding new ways to repurpose some of our older things that just hadn’t worked in the more modern house we left in Seattle.


I learned that some of the best finds for items for the house were found in unexpected places.  I LOVE this island that I had custom made for our kitchen buy a great local guy.  Seriously, PM me and if you are in the MD area, I'll give you his contact info.  He's wonderful!

Speaking of leaving Seattle, this move has been such an emotional roller coaster.

I really need to take some time and give respect to the vast array of feelings that has gone on over this last year.   Yes, this new life is so worth the effort and struggle, but so much has happened and I believe that it is so important to give respect to the emotions and personal challenges that you face.  Even if you just have to put it all aside until you can make time to deal with it.

I don’t believe that we need to sugar coat our lives. Life is hard! And especially when you are also dealing with chronic health issues.  Frankly, I think that this year has really made me face the harshness of Lyme Disease and the damage that it has done not only on my body and health but also the fear and anxiety.

This blog started out as a personal journal, a place to write about the struggles of living with Lyme Disease as well as how I coped with the loss of my best friend after he died in a motorcycle accident. And what I have discovered recently is that while some of the more educational articles are great, some of the best posts I’ve written have been about real life issues and reaching out to all of your with your great ideas and feedback.  So I’m making the commitment to get back to that personal style, giving you all that I’ve learned about how I’m fighting Lyme and anxiety with cannabis and wellness.  AND I’m making the promise that I’m going to keep this blog as personal as possible because I believe that making that human connection is far better than the sterile blogging style that was suggested to me.

But there is a downside to being vulnerable and real with this blog.

 Many of you might have noticed that a couple of years ago,  I was dealing with some very negative people at the time, and my blog took some low personal blows.  When that happened, I started feeling like I couldn’t talk about myself or my life on a personal level. 

And I took care of me, I stepped back a bit from blogging and pulled my personality out of it as well. 

Blogging became a job, not the joy that it once was. And I started hating it as well.  I was afraid of the backlash, burned and sad, I lost my desire to write anything more than How To’s and informational pieces.

This morning, I was out in my garden.  And I was down on my hands and knees digging out stones with my fingers and crumbling the dirt around the new plants.  This is when it hit me that when we become afraid of the pain or discomfort, we lose the heart of our goals.   Nothing was ever gained by going the easy way and believing that it is always going to feel good or be easy to work.

I left Seattle because as much as I love the city, the weather, and the character… I also faced some really terrible trials and was deeply hurt by people there. And I kept having these negative feelings and really struggled spiritually and emotionally.  Literally, people were cheating on their spouses and drinking themselves into poor health, and that was more acceptable than being honest about how you feel.  I learned that just because people invited you to spend time with them, that you really have to choose who you accept those offers from with care.  I got caught up in some vicious social groups, which made me feel terrible about myself and about my moral convictions.  Moving out of that area and coming back to the East coast was hard, but very much needed.

Not everyone will like you, and that’s okay.  But your own moral code, your own mental health, and your own peace of mind are more important than being popular… no matter how old you are. 

So now I’m back in my office, with dirt still under my nails and lots of stories I’m ready to share.  Are you ready?

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