The weather is warming up, and I have been daydreaming about road tripping.

I love road trips. I’ve been on a few fantastic road trips with friends that have been some of my favorite memories. It’s so much fun just picking up a week’s worth of clothes, a pillow, and getting in the car and getting away from home.


When I moved from Baltimore to Seattle, my husband and I asked a couple of friends to go on a 9-day road trip across the country. We drove in a crazy wavy line across the country.
There were moments of crazy sing-alongs and moments that I almost wished I could climb out of the window and not have to be in the car with them for another moment.

Leave the drama at a pit stop

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At one point, this girl that we brought along actually cracked and started sobbing hysterically for hours. I mean, snotty and moaning sobbing. She pretty much lost her mind and started rambling about how much she might actually love her ex-husband to her current boyfriend, our best friend. I wanted to pull over, throw her out, and drive away.

There were other days when we just drove across the country and saw things from the road that you would miss by any other means of travel.

Enjoy the strange and unusual

There was a guy driving a lawn mower down the road with a beer holder and a trucker hat in Montana. There was the moment in Kansas that I was pretty sure we were never going to see a gas station, and we might just die on the side of the road. And then there were fun moments driving across the country that it was just great to be with a friend, playing car games, and laughing at silly things.

Thinking of a road trip?

Plan ahead for food- sometimes there are areas where good dining options can be sparse. So bring along a cooler, stop at grocery stores and stock up on drinks, snacks, and even sandwich supplies. We even had the refillable water bottles that we could stop at a rest stop and get free water and some restaurants even let us refill with ice water.

Wear comfortable clothes. When you are going to be in the car for an extended period of time, there is nothing worse than uncomfortable jeans digging into your tired tummy. Layer up, you can adjust your own temperature easier when you layer your outfits. Dress for fun, not always for high fashion. And don't forget your sunglasses!

Don’t plan too detailed. The fun of a road trip is the flexibility. Traffic, detours, and delays are inevitable. Sometimes you might be right on time and other times it might be fun to pull over and run through the fields of flowers. Do it!

Take lots of photos. Memories are easier to share and reminisce about when you can share a funny picture. So don’t forget to take photos.

Don’t stress and have fun! One of the things that can ruin a road trip is when someone in the group is stressed, grumpy, and wants to share that with everyone else in the car. When you feel like you would rather walk, pull out your headphones and zone out. Resist the urge to throw the crazy girl out of the car, and just enjoy the adventure.

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