Hey everyone! We have a brand new review for you today, and it’s one I know that many of you will understand if you have ever moved or built a house.  Our friends at The California Wine Club have perfect timing because we are packing up to move to our new house and everything is CRAZY!

As many of you know, Michael and I are moving to our new dream house that we designed and had built.  And if you have ever built a house, you know that not everything goes as it should.  The last few weeks have been nothing but chaos and I've been so stressed out.   Along with a busy work schedule for both Michael and I, we have been trying to manage the final stages of construction and moving.  And nothing has gone as planned.

Ugh!  I've been crazy and I know I need to manage my stress better.  But it's been hard. But then I opened my box from The California Wine Club and took a break from trying to work it all out.

The California Wine Club Saves The Day

Delivered right to our apartment door, The California Wine Club, brought us a box of joy from their collection of wines from small family wineries.  I love the small scale of intimate wineries because I know that every bottle counts.   We have toured several family wineries through the years and I love the passion that bursts from them.  

I am going to be real here, everything we own is either in boxes, in storage, or piled up waiting for the green light that we can move into our house.

There have been days when we think that the end is here, and we start the crazy rush to finish packing up our last living essentials ( like the wine glasses ) only to find out like we did this week that there is a major flaw and they need a few more days.  Apparently, our laundry room was installed wrong and might need to be demolished and redone before we can get our occupancy permit.

So… yes, we are wine drinking out of mismatched juice glasses and being very thankful that we knew were to find them.

Membership Perks

When you join The California Wine Club you receive 2 or 4 bottles of small batched, family California wineries that are either a mix or reds and whites or all of whites or reds. 

Our box contained a 2014 Revival Allure de Robles, Paso Robles Rhone-style red wine and a 2016 Central Coast Liquid Luck along with the Uncorked magazine with all of the great information about our wines featured this month, plus wine tasting notes and paring tips. 

What is great about The California Wine Club is that if a bottle is spoiled, broken or you just don't like it, they will replace it immediately.  That LOVE IT GUARANTEE is fantastic!

What I liked:

Besides sending great California wines, I really love the personal feel of this club.  They invite you to come to tour the wineries, they have wine consultants that are available by phone or chat that you can ask wine questions.  And when you find a wine you love, they have up to 50% off winery prices 1$ ground shipping on reorders.

I always love looking at the recipes and food pairings on their blog. We frequently share the recipes on our Facebook page. 

Besides giving a discount for rating the wines, The California Wine Club also has a great friend Ambassador program and perks for sending your friends to the club.



Because these are small batch family wines, if you like the wine you try then you should reorder it now. Unlike the big corporate wineries, these small wineries can't guarantee you will be able to get that same flavor year after year. 

But that's why you collect the wine that you love, right?


The wine club levels range from $41- $230+

No hidden fees, cancel any time and every wine is backed by our Love It Guarantee.

They also have gift options for all of the wine club levels. Whether you’re looking for wine gifts for special occasions like weddings or for business gifts, they have you covered!


Hopefully, we will be moving soon!

After this last frustration, having a glass of wine and putting our feet up on the boxes for a while was exactly what we needed.   We were supposed to be moved in weeks ago.  I had planned a Father's Day brunch for Michael and his father at our new house.  

But after finding that someone cracked one of the bathtubs and it all has to be pulled out, along with the front door needing a new frame.  It doesn't look like we will be moved in this week. 

So instead of a fresh Oven-Baked Frittata and fresh fruit for our Father's day celebration, it might be finishing this bottle of Liquid Luck and cheese and crackers on the front porch of the new house with no chairs!


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