Wynter and Riley love TruDog for many reasons, but mostly because they love the taste. This week we are reviewing a few of TruDog’s delicious treats. Treat Me – Freeze-Dried SuperTreats for dogs from TruDog.

TruDog sent the dogs a few of their top sellers for Wynter and Riley to give their honest opinions. 

To be honest, this review was a little difficult.  Why?

Because the dogs LOVE them and I had a hard time keeping them focused and keeping Wynter from stealing the whole bag.  Yes, the picky girl goes crazy for these treats.

So, on with the review!

TruDog Treat Me Review

We have been longtime fans and customers of TruDog. Our older girl, Wynter, loves the food and treats and we love the company.  Since adding freeze-dried raw food to our dog’s diet, we have seen a dramatic improvement in their health and how much they enjoy their food.

As a company, we love that the founder and CEO, Lori Taylor, loves dogs as much as we do. After losing her beloved dog, Truman to cancer, Lori turned to research the best canine nutrition, knowing that studies have shown that processed kibble isn’t the best food for our furkids.  Raw foods and treats are healthier and help our dogs to live longer.

Michael and I love TruDog because we see how it has improved the lives of our dogs.

Riley has had skin and allergy issues his whole life.  We tried everything to try to help him, including painful monthly injections, medications, baths, and still, he lived in pain for years.  Then we turned to eliminating everything we could from his diet to see if that helped.  The answer for him was poultry.   All of the “sensitive” diets were all chicken based.  Almost all of the treats and even his pill pockets had poultry.

Now he is on a strict “No Bird” diet, and we have seen his hair grow back, and his life improve.

We know that changing his diet to a freeze-dried, holistic diet changed his quality of life. 

Wynter and Riley

Wynter and Riley were very excited about this review.  After the new box came from TruDog, we had a hard time keeping them from sticking their nose into the box and pulling out their favorites.

Wynter LOVES the Treat Me – Freeze-dried Pork liver.   They are tiny treats that are great for little dogs, but also great for small training treats.  We love that these treats are made from high-quality ingredients with no added artificial anything.

Rylie loves the Crunch Beef Delight – I think because they are a little bigger, he seems to prefer them over the tiny ones.  We love that they are corn and wheat free, as well as no soy or sugar.

What I liked:

Unlike a lot of “Raw” foods, freeze-dried raw doesn't need to be thawed, or refrigerated.  And I like the cost – at around $9-15 dollars, I know I am getting a great treat for my dogs at a price that I can afford.

I've tried making their treats and raw food from my kitchen, and it is expensive and time-consuming.  You really can't make fresh freeze-dried raw treats affordably or easily.


The only negatives that I ever have about the Treat Me treats are that they are a little small, and my medium and bigger size dogs would really like larger size bites.  But even that isn't a big deal.

And Wynter was so excited during this review, she sort of sucked at taking good photos.  But Riley was happy to pay attention!


Each bag is about 2-3 ounces, which doesn't seem like a lot.  However because it is dry, the weight isn't there but the flavor is.  The cost isn't especially high when you factor in exactly what they are getting and know that this isn't junk filler food.  It's actual meat.

Where can you get them?

You can shop online at TruDog.com where you can also find a great selection of dog food, snacks, and more. 

This week they are also having a great sale – Woof Week! 


We are including all of the flavors of Treat Me in our Product Showcase.   This is where we have curated a great collection of dog products we love, along with items for humans.  Wynter and Riley were very excited about this review and we will be bringing you a few new dog reviews this summer!



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