I am one week away from another blogging convention.  This is the first time I'll be attending the ThinkTank in Chicago and I am so excited. This is a huge adventure for me.  I’m heading off this trip without my usual travel companions. So in prepping for this trip, I am getting my gear ready well ahead of time.


Getting Ready

weather I’ve checked the weather a few times to be sure I have a good idea of what to pack.

I love wearing layers.  It gives me the most flexibility to change what I am wearing if the weather is too hot or cold.

When I fly I always feel like the air is either too hot or too cold. So I have learned to bring a jacket even when it is hot outside.  I also travel with a scarf or three.  You never know when your shoulders might just be a bit chilly.

Just like you never know what the weather may do, you can't always predict accidents. Pack an extra outfit or two just in case something spills or happens to your outfit.

On my last trip, I had my outfits planned out, but when I was last minute packing I pulled 2 shirts out of the clean clothes basket and tossed them in.  When I pulled them out to wear on my trip, I realized that both shirts had gotten something on them in the laundry and they both had large stains on the front. I wished that I had other clothes to switch into, however it was a last-second trip and I just didn't pack well enough.  Time to go shopping!

Pack your own snacks! As a vegetarian and someone who is Gluten-free, it isn't always easy finding a snack when you are hungry. So I like to bring a few snack bags of nuts, dried fruit, and even chocolate!

Makeup Tip: Choose long-wearing make-up or applying a primer so your foundation stays on longer and helps you to look fresh all day.


Shoe Talk

Don't be fashion bullied into thinking you need to wear heels.  As someone who has struggled with feet pain for years, it just isn't worth it. As a result of years of adorable shoes, I struggle with arch and heel issues.  So save your feet early and think about gel inserts or even support inserts BEFORE you have a problem.

Bring your favorite walking shoes, a pair of COMFORTABLE flats, and save those dressy heels for the party!

Numb toes and aching arches are just not worth the fashion statement.

Shoe Tip: Wear your boots or tennis shoes on the plane to save suitcase space.

It's all in the Details

These days almost every airline has a baggage fee.  They can really get pricey.  This is why you need to check the airline policy before you pack.  Look to see how much the baggage fee is, how many carry on bags you can have and if there is a carry on fee.

Does this change your mind about how much you are bringing or can you buy sunscreen, hair gel, or disposable items at your destination cheaper than the fee you will pay for flying them there?

Do you have an airline credit card?  Does that card have any baggage perks?  Alaska allows you to check up to three bags with your credit card for free.  That's a nice perk when you are a frequent flyer!

Tech Check!

I have both a small Surface Pro and a full Laptop. For small trips, my small Surface is best.  I can toss it in my bag and run.  Yet for longer trips that I plan on working on my blog, I really like my bigger laptop.  But it is also heavier and I have to plan to bring my backpack.


Tech Tip: Want to be the popular kid at the conference?  Bring along your power strip and share the power while making new friends. This is a great time to exchange cards, info, and network!

Don't forget!

If like me, you are heading out for a blogging conference, make sure you bring your business cards!  You might not have time to get names and emails, but ask for their card so you can look your new friends up when you have a moment to sit down.

Pen and Paper!  I still love the good old fashion pen and paper way of keeping notes.  I'm also a doodle girl and it helps me to keep track of the great things I've learned.

The strangest thing that I  often forget to pack is… underwear and socks.  I don't know why I fail to add up the correct number of the basics, but I've had to run out for emergency supplies.  But if you forget your toothbrush, comb, mouthwash, or little items like that you might have some luck by calling the front desk and asking if they have them available.

My travel hairdryer is one of my favorite things in my suitcase. I can't tell you how many times I've discovered nasty hair dryers or no dryer at all.  Making sure I have my own helps me to travel with less stress.

The one thing that I always take with me to conferences is CBD salve for my feet.  It helps me to stand longer and walk through the long days of conferences without the pain. I love SwellCBD's salve.  It doesn't have a strong odor and this one is strong without being sticky.

I'll be posting more updates about my trip. And sharing more travel tips along the way. 


Love, Crysta - Dancing With Fireflies

Save your feet! CBD salves rubbed on your feet are great for a long day of standing!


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