Hey everyone! We have a brand new review for you today, and it’s SWELL! We are trying SwellCBD’s new Coffee CBD Truffles they sent us to try.  Hmm.. coffee, CBD, and chocolate truffles?  Yes!!

Cannabidiol (CBD) has a special relationship with chocolate.  Both have cannabinoid neurotransmitters called anandamides (or AEA).   Anandamides are “The Bliss Molecules” 

Anandamide is an important factor in appetite, motivation, and pleasure. It is as important as dopamine and serotonin. Anandamide’s effects interact with all of the cells throughout the bodies including blood cell including the brain.

Studies have also found that anandamide is linked to anti-inflammatory and analgesic (pain killing) reactions triggered naturally by rigorous physical activity and exercise.

Chocolate Amplifies CBD Effects

Cacao is the base ingredient in dark chocolate, like in the SwellCBD truffles. Theobromine, found in chocolate is a vasodilator (opens blood vessels increasing circulation) and a relative of caffeine that acts to amplify the benefits of the anandamide and CBD.

About the CBD Truffles:

New from SwellCBD, their line of organic truffles is a great way to include CBD and enjoy a nice treat!

These organic truffles are made with a Water Soluble Powder (Nano Emulsion CBD)  that is lab tested. The Water Soluble Powder used to allow dispersion in either a solution or other water-based mix. Which is perfect for mixing with chocolate. This is to make sure each confection has AT LEAST 20mg of CBD per truffle.

What I liked:

These truffles are light, not overly sweet, and have a rich flavor. They also have Zero (0.0%) THC.  You will not get high with these hemp-based CBD truffles.

The box is nice. They feel like tiny birthday gifts! They are cold shipped, so they shouldn’t have any trouble during the warmer months. 

The size of the truffles was much larger than I expected.  It’s a big mouthful of chocolate!  And the taste is amazing.

I really expected them to have a “weedy” aftertaste.  However, I didn’t detect anything except the great dark chocolate and espresso dust. 


The cost is a little high. $15.95 for a box of two truffles is a lot. These are excellent gifts, but I can’t see spending $7.50 a day on a treat.  That’s a little too rich for my budget. 

That being said, I am going to be including them in holiday and birthday baskets this year.  I think they are decadent and a fun treat.

How long does it take to work?

Normally it can take 30-45 minutes for most edibles to work. 

Where can you get them?

We are including all of the flavors of their truffles in our Product Showcase.  This is where we have curated a great collection of CBD and gift items, along with items for dogs.  Because you know, Riley and Wynter have their own favorite things!

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