This week we are trying TruDog treats.  Hopefully, we will find some that she likes!

Wynter is a very picky eater. In fact most of the time she picks through her food and treats to find the perfect bite and will walk away from the others. So finding treats and supplements that she will accept can be hard. Because Wynter is my best friend and I rely on her as my service dog, making sure she's in top health is my priority.

We love doing pet product reviews, there are so many options out there. And it is hard to know who you can trust with your dog's health and wellness.

TruDog treats review


TruDog treats: Healthy and Yummy

Last year we had to have her teeth cleaned.  She's almost 9 years old and it was time. It was traumatizing. She didn't do well with the anesthesia and we struggled to get her feeling better for a few days. So my vet advised that she start with more chew treats and brushing her teeth.

TruDog became one of our sponsors here at Dancing With Fireflies this year. I really liked that they are a small company and they stand behind their products with a great 60-day guarantee. So I wanted to give them a try.  But the real test would be if Wynter would go for it.

A great variety of options

Their treats are made in the USA and are made with USDA certified meats.  So we chose the sample pack because Wynter is very picky and I wanted to see what she would like. Our other dog, Riley will eat anything so it wouldn't go to the trash.

Go and grab the dog treats you have in your house right now and look at the ingredients. Typical treats off of a large pet stores shelf can contain 20+ ingredients and some that you cannot even pronounce. TruDog makes it simple, most of their treats are simply freeze-dried raw meat. I love that!

There is NO wheat, corn, grains, sugar, fillers, chemicals or by-products, refined carbohydrates, or added salt.

Wynter's Favorite:

Treat Me Bitty Baby Bacon Rolls –

Wynter LOVES these.  I'm not sure if it is the smaller size or the smell, but she won't put these down.  In fact, most of the other chew treats we get are buried somewhere in the house. But these are the only check sticks that she will actually sit and eat.

I love that they are individually wrapped and I can toss one into my bag and go.TruDog does NOT mix our meat with grains, fillers or any chemical additives found in so many other pet foods. Always Made In The USA – Sourced, Harvested And Hand Packaged.

TruDog Feed Me Turkey 14oz pin
TruDog Feed Me Turkey  – These are her other favorites.  They are freeze-dried, light little treats that work great as a reward.  She never passes these up and I really like the small reward size.

She did spit out the rabbit and venison treats.  So, Riley ate them.  Since they are poultry-free, he was excited to have his own bags of goodies.

For her health

I really liked the Free Me joint chews.  They don't smell bad. They are soft and she actually seems to like them.  Most of the time, supplements are hard and I have to hide them in a less healthy snack to sneak them to her.

But these she likes and she's happy to get a snack after breakfast.

FREE ME Joint and Flexibility Daily Supplement Soft Chews 

To be honest, she didn't like one of the hard thin stick treats and she flat out refused the toothbrush and paste.  But that is totally to be expected because she doesn't like most new things.

Their story:

TruDog was founded after our owner Lori lost her Great Dane Truman at a very young age to cancer, after amputating his leg he later lost his life a year later at the age of 5.  At the time she was feeding an expensive kibble brand, she simply did not know what she did not know. After two years of research and meeting with experts she founded TruDog and brought our freeze dry raw diet to the market with a mission of helping other pet owners understand what she did not know prior to her tragedy.

I love that Lori now has come up with great healthy options for all dogs in honor of her Truman.

I am just really happy that we found treats that she loves and that is good for her. I'll be a regular customer.


Here is what we tried:

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