Riley loves his toys.  And we love doing dog toy reviews so you know what's cool and what's just a waste of money. 

Riley is a fun dog. Every day he picks out his favorite toys from his toy box and brings them out to play. One of his favorites is this cute little pig.  The Kong Phatz Pig Plush Dog Toy was one of his birthday gifts this year and it's a favorite for a few reasons.

Our guy loves his tiny plush toys.  These are the ones he takes the best care of. Riley is a big dog, but he loves the little toys. But many toys won't hold up to our product testing and end up in the trash.

Our Product Test:

Is it ruined in a day?

The Kong Phatz Pig Plus toy is still in his mouth as we speak and it's been one of his favorites since February.  He has taken most of the stuffing out of it and it doesn't have ears anymore.  But the core is in good shape and he still loves it.


This one runs around $6.

Does he like it?

Admittedly, there aren't too many toys that Riley doesn't like. But there are some that he likes more than others.  He really really loves this S-shaped green thing and his 5 ft snake. But “Baby Pig” is one of his favorites too.  However, that being said this is a toy that we are careful not to let him play with alone.

Is it Safe?

Here's the tricky part.  Riley is a big dog. But he loves tiny stuffed toys.  We know that this could be a choking hazard for him. So he is only allowed to play with this while we are there to watch over him.  We also toss any squeaker or tiny bits that come out of his toys.   We would love if this piggy were just a little bigger.



This is overall one of the better toys that Riley has had.  We love the reinforced construction of this toy.  They head and legs are still firmly attached after months of heavy chewing and play.  It did take a few weeks before he was able to get the squeaker out of this one.  So it did keep him very entertained while trying to remove the noise, but the squeaker isn't the highly annoying type, so that wasn't terrible.

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