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Find your spark When you open my kitchen cabinets you might not find what you would expect. There are plastic plates, colorful sippy cups, funny chopsticks, all things that you might find in a house with toddlers. Except our toddlers have all grown up. So why not bring out the fancy glasses?  Because in our house we encourage everyone to find their spark of magic and go with it! IMG_0923My daughter, 18, has found her spark. Her creative magic flows from her painted toes to her purple hair. She embraces this inspired life. She is in no rush to let go of what feels good, what makes her laugh, and assimilate into the blandness. She dances with her spark in the moonlight with no restraints. So many of us have settled for a life without color. A life where imagination is suffocated. We are told who we should be and at some point we start to believe them. Forget that! Find your own spark of magic and let it go free!   Close your eyes and think of the life you thought you would have when you were 10. Could you build a ship that would sail you and your best friends around the world? Did you dream of being a dancer, with colorful scarves that swirled around you like wings? I often dreamed of running away from everything, befriending a horse and riding away to live in the woods in a house abandoned a hundred years ago. I dreamed of painting, growing a garden, running wild and naked through the tall grass, and dancing with fireflies. I didn’t fear being completely alone. My dream was to be exactly who I knew I could be and embracing my spark. Many years later I am chasing that spark, trying to pin it down. I find that I go in so many direction searching for that inspired life. From music to art, travel to food. The search for the authentic creative life calls out and pushes everything else out of the way. What holds you back from your spark? What stands in your way of being your authentic creative self? This is your chance to follow your inner child, chase rainbows and dance.

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