This week we are reviewing Trudog's Surprise Me – Hide the Pill treats for Large dogs. Riley and Wynter were excited to do this review! review trudog surprise me treats Our dog, Riley, is a great dog. But sadly, he was born with a lot of complications. So as a special needs dog, we accepted the responsibility to give him a lifetime of love as well as a lifetime of caring for his medical needs. Every day Riley gets medication for Addison's. Each morning he wakes up knowing that he gets his walk, breakfast, CBD oil, and a treat ( which his meds are hidden inside). img_0420

Here's the challenge

Riley is an EXPERT at finding the pill, getting the yummy parts off the pill and spitting out the medication… in seconds! We have tried so many different pill pocket treats to find one that is soft enough to smoosh around his medication, so he can't pull out the pills. Riley is also allergic to a ton of things including wheat, poultry, and soy.  Yep!  That makes it almost impossible to find something that is going to be soft enough, doesn't have a ton of preservatives, and won't give him allergy issues. review trudog surprise me treats

Trudog's Surprise Me

We recently gave these treats a try after discovering that they are one of the only pill pocket treats without poultry and wheat or soy. Check out the ingredients:  Rice Flour, Corn Syrup, Glycerin, Cheese Flavor, Corn Starch, Lecithin, Dextrose, Carrageenan Gum, Calcium Propionate, Sorbic Acid, Vitamin E Powder, Purified Water, Ascorbic Acid, Safflower Oil, Hickory Flavor, Brown color Riley loves them and they are soft so he can't find the pill inside.

But how do they taste??

Riley is generally pretty easy going. So I couldn't count on him to be my taste tester, so I had to ask Wynter to give them a sample. happy Wynter Wynter is VERY picky and won't genrerally take anything that isn't to her liking. She's turned her nose at almost every raw food, hates things with weird textures, and she's been a challenge for a lot of pet stores to find a treat she likes. However, Wynter loved these treats and has been in line to get her own every morning since we have been giving these a try. They have a pleasant smell and texture.  We are pretty frugal, so my husband likes to pull them apart and give half to each of the dogs.  They are soft enough that it doesn't matter at all. To prevent transfer of the medicine's smell and taste do not touch TruDog Surprise Me with the same hand that handles medication. Pinch closed.
review trudog surprise me treats

Wow, I really need a manicure.  Thank goodness these treats are affordable!

The Details

These are very affordable, Trudog is a great company to work with.  I've been buying my dog food and treats from them for a few months now and I love them.  They have a great guarantee that if your dog doesn't love the products, you can send them back within 60 days.  I've only sent back one thing ( the toothbrushes) and it was super easy. Surprise Me Pill Treats – Large Dogs – $10.99 Getting your dog to take medication can be a real pain. Make it easier on you both with Surprise Me Pill Treats by TruDog. Just stuff a pill treat with your dog's medication and treat him or her as usual.  These tasty treats will accommodate almost any size pill or capsule intended for dogs.

We will buy Trudog Surprise Me treats again!

We loved these so much that we have already added this as a monthly purchase.  As a special treat for you, you get a discount for signing up for reoccurring orders. When you sign up to have your items sent regularly, you get instant access to select perks not offered to the general public- perks like free upgraded priority shipping, VIP access to your very own TruDog Happiness Concierge, and invitations to secret sales only for TruDog Love Club pet parents. TLC Members always receive the lowest price on TruDog products- guaranteed. TLC Members also earn reward points with every TLC order- points that can be spent as you see fit to get money off your TruDog orders. The more you shop, the more you earn! HOW DO I JOIN THE TRUDOG LOVE CLUB? Joining is easy! All you have to do is create a free TruDog account and sign up to receive any order on a recurring basis. As long as your recurring order is active you’ll retain all of the benefits the TruDog Love Club has to offer!

Firefly Special Offer From Trudog:

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