We want to know YOU!

Thank you for coming. Really,  I want to thank you for being our readers.  Many of you come week after week and share and like our posts.  And today I want to ask, who are YOU and what do YOU do?

I know many of your faces or logos from your comments or likes, and when I see your names pop up, I always smile.  You are the reason I get up each morning and go into my office to write the content. And today I want you to know that what YOU want, and what YOU need from me is important.

Many of you know that we’ve been going through big changes here on the blog.

It’s been SO crazy.  But the good kind of crazy.

New Faces

Have you seen the front page??  It’s so cool!!  But the thing I wanted you to see was that we have two new additions there, it’s no longer Wynter and me, alone! My husband, Michael, has always been in the background, but until recently hasn’t been involved in my blogging.  He has allowed me to grow and explore this medium as far as I wanted to take it.

This year, I hit a place where I need more help and maxed out what I knew I could do alone. I wanted to bring you something more than I know how to do.  Michael started helping me take on more.  He is very technical and did HUGE work to help bring this blog out of 2005 and into something that we could all enjoy more.   I am so thankful for his insight, and I hope that you are all enjoying the changes.  Although I do apologize for the bumps as we have transitioned to this new system.

THC for dogs

Then there is Riley…. Oh Riley.   He’s our sweet boy, and I know some of you have seen him on a few of our blog posts. He’s a great dog, and he drives Wynter insane.  But she loves him.  Riley is always at our feet, and we are going to be featuring more dog-related articles this year because as empty nesters, our lives have moved away from raising children, to living our lives beyond parenting.  We are dog lovers, and so we’ve decided to bring you more articles about healthy natural living for pets as well as how we have helped our dogs live better with CBD.

We want your input!

This is a community.  There are so many of you who are our regular readers, and we want to know you better.  Do you blog like we do?  Do you travel or have dogs?  What’s your favorite thing to read?

The more ideas you give us, the more I will work to bring you articles that interest you and hopefully inspire others.

Show us your links! We would love to stop by and see what you write!  What do you want to see less of?

Thank you!

Again, I wanted to thank you for reading our blog and for sharing the articles that you like with your friends and family.

 I started off this journey as a way to sort through the thoughts and deal with life.  When I first began, we had 3 teenagers, and that was rough!  I was also working through how to be a parent, I really had no idea and after being adopted and on my own since I was 15… I didn’t have a clue of how to parent teens.  So I began blogging and it was my way of talking my way through life.   But now it’s grown into something very different and I really want all of you who have chosen to spend your time reading this blog how thankful I am for all of you.

Have a great weekend!


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