Leaning to live Gluten and Dairy Free

A few weeks ago I headed back to the doctor for more blood work. It's routine, part of surviving life with Lyme Disease and trying to beat this epidemic of death that has been floating around lately. Anyways, they did a bunch of bloodwork and also did a food allergy test.

Well, my test results came back that I am VERY ( Not just a little ) allergic to not just Dairy ( I already knew this, but I LOVE cheese)  but I am also highly allergic to the trendiest thing on the planet to beware of.. gluten.

Really?  C'mon… I've been saying for a while that this Gluten-free fad was overdone.. and I want a dang sandwich every time I think about it.  I'm not talking about cases of people who have Celiac Disease, but the trend of just claiming to be “sensitive” without any medical proof at all or ever seeing a doctor. I have friends with Celiac and I know their struggles are real. But more the times I've seen people ask for gluten-free pizza and complain about not having enough croutons on their salads.

However, I sat at the doctor's office almost in tears as she told me that she believed I was suffering from Celiac symptoms because I have a high allergy to gluten AND Dairy and a whole list of other foods that I pretty much exist on. More blood work would be needed to be considered having Celiac Disease. Or I could save time and cut out gluten and dairy now and see if I can feel the changes after a month.

No.. thanks, I'm good.  I'd rather not have another “disease” on my resume.

So now I am setting off on a Gluten Free an Dairy Free adventure.

The first few days SUCKED!  I mean… I was actually angry and a bit depressed!

Every time I went to the kitchen for something for lunch, I just stood there looking at a kitchen full of food and seeing all of the things we normally buy and eat were now outlawed in my body.

I was reduced to eating trail mix and green tea!

Even as my family enjoyed pizza, mac and cheese, and brownies I stuck with it. It was HARD!  But at the end of the week, I realized something I didn't expect.

I lost 5 pounds. I have less pain.  And I am not as forgetful.

Last night we went out for dinner at a favorite local spot and I realized how hard this really was and WHY I was doing it.

My family loves cheesy fries and Pizza. I tried to be easy going about it, but reading the menu of the options for someone trying to be gluten free AND dairy free.. I was left with a salad and gluten-free (taste free ) pasta and marinara.  But I am a grown up and I was pretty sure I could handle it. Except when the fries came, they were the kind that have the yummy crispy coating of flour on the outside.  I was so sad and frustrated that I couldn't have them that I went ahead and ate 2 fries.  When my dinner came, it was topped with cheese because I forgot to ask if it was cheese free.  I was hungry and annoyed, and I ate the cheese too.  Then glared at the other table that was getting my favorite tiramisu that I knew I would not be getting.

Diets are lifestyle changes.  Everything you know about your comfort foods, your routine meals, and even your morning coffee has to change.  A good diet isn't about losing 10 pounds and then going back to binge eating ice cream when the kids go to bed. You might lose it for a short while, but once you go back to your old ways you will be going back to your old body.

I'm not sure exactly what the results are going to be after a month, a year, or longer of going gluten and dairy free.  I'd hope that my pain will be lower, my inflammation issues will be reduced, and maybe… with feeling better I will be able to return to being more active and hopefully stronger.

I don't care about the number on the scale or size of my jeans.  What I care about is trying to be the healthiest ME that I can be. I am more than a cookie, I am more than a girl with curves.  I am fighting for my life and trying to be the best role model for my family.  That is what matters most of all and why I do the things I do, like giving up mac and cheese.

Wish me luck!


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4 thoughts on “I want my Gluten and Dairy!!”

  1. I feel your pain sister. I too am doing the dairy and gluten thing for different reasons. Eating out is really complicated and so is snacking. But with any luck we will be healthier.

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