Hey everyone, I just wanted to say I'm SORRY!

So, we have some big things happening here with Dancing With Fireflies… starting with a new theme, new setups, and….. a store!  Yep, we are setting up a store.  I am going to be honest, this thing started off as a little idea and a few days ago it got insane.

So while I learn how to work with a new editing program, set up an online shop, and write a bunch of new blog posts for you, things might get a little sideways.

To Relaunch OR tread through the mud together?

A lot of blogs just shut down, go through this transition behind closed doors and you don't see the dirt.  But I didn't want to stop writing and I didn't want to take the chance that someone needed to come here and read something that might make a difference, to find a closed sign.

So, you are going to see things in motion as we stay open and keep pushing out content while hammering in the nails and splashing up paint.

This reminds me of building a house… which we are actually doing right now as well!  Some days it all looks like it is coming together, and some days you walk in and it is chaos.

I promise you, that the chaos is going to be worth it.

Better content with less distraction

I love writing, it is my love and I am often up all night thinking of new things to write.  But I've been frustrated with trying to keep writing and not feel like I'm pushing products.  Yes, sometimes I get really excited about a review, and I want to keep sharing that happy feeling.  However, writing better content without the distraction needs to be a focus for 2019.

Tell me what you think when you see it!

I know a lot of you guys, personally.  And I know that all of you have thoughts when things change or about what you are reading.  How do I know?  Cause sometimes you let it slip out that you saw a change and all of a sudden, I realize HUMANS READ MY BLOG!!!  

Yes, it completely freaks me out and I know it's stupid… but sometimes I like to believe that those stats that I look at every day are for dogs… like maybe dogs like to read my blog or it's just a number. My introvert self has totally been convinced that nobody reads my blog and when I make stupid mistakes… it doesn't matter, because I'm all along here in my writing world!

HA!  But….. sometimes…. friends… you let me know that you read something that you liked on my blog and holy COW that's a crazy feeling.

So, if you want to keep freaking me out, leave a comment.  Dog's don't leave comments.  They don't care what you write about or how you changed everything overnight. Wynter barely cared that I was freaking out, only because I ate half a bag of chips over her head and dropped crumbs for her.

Anyways…. I gotta keep working on adding more products to the shop!  Oh yeah… go check that out too.  I'm adding new items there daily.  Okay, gotta get back to work.  Feel free to comment and distract me!


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