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Checking out the Ballard Farmer's Market

The Pacific Northwest is one of the most dog friendly places in the United States.  From beautiful off-leash dog parks to the hundreds of acres of trails, beaches, and city walks, dogs are a common site in the Pacific Northwest. I love traveling with my dogs. We love to pack up their snacks, and head off to a new adventure almost every weekend. And we have found some great dog friendly places to explore.

Farmer’s Markets-

Almost every Washington town has a Farmer’s market sometime during the year. But some of the best markets are year round.  The Ballard Sunday Farmer’s Market is a great mixture of crafts, honey, and tons of food. There are a lot of dogs casually shopping with their people. It can get a little crowded, so be sure your fur friend is good with getting close to other humans as well as fairly good with seeing other dogs.


Looking for a usual dog-friendly place to go this weekend? Many wineries in the PNW are dog-friendly.  The beautiful Lake Chelan, Washington has a whopping 7 dog-friendly wineries that not only offer tastings of their wines but also have patios for lounging dogs, walks to explore the vineyards, as well as Riverwalk that’s perfect for a stroll. Did we mention 300 days of sunshine? Leashes are required. But that’s just so you don’t get lost while daydreaming of moving there and starting your own winery. Also, call ahead to make sure your winery of choice is dog-friendly and they are open and not having a private event.



Wynter's Beach Day

From the shore of the mainland to the many islands around the San Juans, there are hundreds of miles of beaches to explore. Many beaches are dog-friendly and even a few have off-leash areas. Whidbey Island’s Double Bluff beach is one of the largest off-leash dog beaches in the country. But beware there are hundreds of free running dogs splashing through the water, digging in the sand, and sniffing butts. So if your dog doesn’t enjoy being social, this beach can be a little frustrating. There are also many leash-only beaches where you can enjoy the sand and surf with your dog without the fuss. Kalaloch Beach, Washington sports a great view, crashing waves, and is leashed dog-friendly.


Three Forks Dogs Park in Snoqualmie, Washington

Checking out the Ballard Farmer's Market

Our pups love getting out, hopping over trees and climbing rocks, and drinking the cold fresh waters of springs and rivers. At the end of a long week, there is nothing like getting out into the calm of the tall trees. The State parks are a great way to take your dog for a great walk through the woods. Leashes are required and be prepared to haul your poop bags back to the main entrance of the trails as trash cans are few and far between. Marymoor Park in Redmond,Wa has a 40 acre off-leash park as well as other leashed trail areas. Other parks like Snoqualmie's Three Forks park has a great fenced off-leash park with a shy dog fenced in area for those like our Riley who prefer to watch the heavy sniffing. For a great leashed walk, check out the state parks. Save some money and get a State Park Parking Pass before you go. Not only will you save money for the yearly pass, but you will also save stress as you park while others are looking around for an ATM. Wherever you go, I suggest calling ahead or going online to be sure your destination is dog-friendly. But you will certainly be surprised at the number of water bowls available as you explore the beautiful Pacific Northwest. Most towns are very dog-friendly and have plenty of green space for you and your dog to enjoy.  

Love traveling with your dogs? Tell us about your favorite dog-friendly travel spot!

9 thoughts on “It’s a Dog’s Life In the Pacific Northwest – dog friendly travel ideas”

  1. Theres a lake right by my house that my dog daisy and i frequent about every other day- i pack a book, food, her ball to throw in the water- and we make a day of it. It can just be the 2 of u and i am perfectly content!

    1. I actually love leash walks. I know for sure my dogs will be well behaved and we can both have a great time. Sadly, we have encountered way too many aggressive bad mannered people and a few dogs in offleash areas.

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