THC for dogs CBD for dogs can be lifesaving. But beware, just like chocolate, dogs can get very sick from THC ingestion! Dogs have abundant receptors in their brains, dogs have the highest concentration of these receptors, particularly in areas related to coordination.  They also have heightened sensitivity to THC than other mammals.  THC or tetrahydrocannabinol can give them toxic ataxia. When dogs ingest weed, they go into a state of ataxia is a condition relating to a sensory dysfunction that produces loss of coordination of the limbs, head, and/or trunk. The symptoms can last up to 36 hours and give them severe neurologic effects that are much more profound and dangerous for dogs. And unlike humans, dogs can also go into marijuana toxicosis that can give them terrible tremors, vomiting, looks of bladder control, and depending on size and breed, health and age, this could be a terrible experiment. Never EVER blow weed into your dog’s mouth or face. ( Yes, I have heard of people doing this. Those people are jerks. ) Ataxia is a condition relating to a sensory dysfunction that produces loss of coordination of the limbs, head, and/or trunk. The symptoms (staggering, agitation, stupor, etc.) that develop in pets is not enjoyable for them–in fact, it’s a very frightening experience. Dogs should NOT have any product with THC! A 5-year study out of Colorado showed dogs can die from ‘canine toxicosis’ due to THC ingestion. Like chocolate, THC can be potentially toxic – even fatal. Since the legalization of cannabis in several states, sales of marijuana has increased and emergency veterinary visits for THC related complications has risen dramatically.   Dogs and Marijuana Infographic Source:

symptoms to look out for:

  • Severe depression
  • Lethargy
  • Coma
  • Low heart rate
  • Low blood pressure
  • Respiratory depression
  • Dilated pupils
  • Hyperactivity
  • Seizures
The impact of THC on dogs varies depending on the weight and breed of the dog.  Dogs can also get high from secondhand smoke and may have adverse reactions. Please take precautions.  Some dogs can even have severe personality changes and become dangerous.  When animals are distressed they can bite or scratch. Dogs don't enjoy the pleasurable experience of getting “high”  because they are not able to understand what is happening to them or know that this is only temporary. Heck, some people, when they get too high, have a hard time with measuring time and being rational! While death is extreme, dogs who ingest weed or cannabis butter will need to be seen by a veterinarian as soon as possible.  This emergency room visit involves IV fluids and supportive care. Dogs who are small, old, have health issues are more likely to succumb to the poisoning effect.  Pets die of complications due to dehydration, tremors, and respiratory and heart issues. Edibles sometimes contain high THC concentrations that are even more powerful and intense that cannabis buds.  If your pet has gotten into your “stash” they need to get to the vet.

What about CBD for dogs?

Make sure that any product that you use for your dog contains little or no traces of THC.  Look at the product testing and know exactly how much CBD per treat or per dose you are giving your pets. Pet owners are seeing great results from hemp CBD, without the risk of THC related issues for their dogs. CBD can help your dog to feel better and live longer. Research suggests that CBD has lower toxicity than THC and is safer for pet use. We use CBD oil for our dogs in their daily dental care. We know that cats and dogs have receptors in their nervous system called cannabinoids receptors that allow them to be effected from marijuana.  There are great health benefits. But there needs to be more research done to keep to find the right combination. We did a lot of research before giving our dogs CBD.  We recommend Joy Organics Pet line.  Our dogs have done very well with their products and we love that they use organic ingredients and we can see the test results.

The Level Of Stupid!

Some people believe that just because marijuana is safe for humans, that is must be safe for dogs.  While it is true that for most humans, you can't overdose on weed.  Dogs also have sensitivities that humans don't, like almonds and chocolate.  Even things like artificial sweeteners can be toxic for pets. I've heard the response; ” But it is a natural plant! Dogs eat plants!”   Yes, and some plants are toxic. Some people should just stop. I read a comment that one guy said he had a he gets his dog high because he and his dog feel more connected when they are high together and another that believed his dog experienced a new level of consciousness after getting high with him. This just made me feel bad for humanity and for those dogs!
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