skincare-sp.png Are you the type of person that never likes to stay in one place for very long? People who live active lifestyles often have different skincare regimens compared to someone that is sedentary. If you’re a busy person who’s constantly on-the-go and you’re ready to promote wonderful skin health, then you cannot miss these 7 skin care hacks. They’re simple to follow techniques that will make the world of a difference to how you feel about your skin every day.

1. Use sunscreen often and don't forget to reapply

skincare hacks Sunscreen is by far the most important skin care item that you can wear daily. There’s no limit to the amount of sunscreen you should use according to Well Within Beauty. Just be sure that it’s a high enough SPF to fight against UV rays and keep you protected no matter where you are in the world. Reapply whenever you need, directly to places that are exposed to sunlight. But even if you don’t see the sun’s rays, it’s still a good idea to lather up. When it’s cloudy, UV is reflected back from the clouds and can be even more damaging to your skin, so always pack some sunscreen for on the go. Try Daily Defense Facial Sunscreen SPF 30 – this sunscreen combines the mineral sunscreen Titanium Dioxide with Octinoxate to deliver SPF 30 broad spectrum UVA/UVB protection against sunburn, skin cancer and early skin aging caused by the sun. It is enriched with natural botanicals to soothe, hydrate and protect sun-exposed skin. This gentle formulation is specifically designed for the face.

2. Cleanse your skin once you’re back home

skincare hacks Once you get back home after a busy day, you’ll want to remove any makeup you’re wearing, and gently wash and cleanse your skin. You might not know this, but there is a right and a wrong way to cleanse your skin. You’ll want to be gentle with your skin, instead of scrubbing it. You also want to use lukewarm water instead of water that’s too hot or cold. Afterward, use a serum moisturizer, eye cream, and toner if you see fit. The natural look is great, as long as you’re protecting your skin with sunscreen. We like Blue Chamomile Makeup Remover by LATHER. Natural soothing Blue Chamomile (Azulene), Amino Acids and Aloe Vera, gently dissolves makeup in an instant, even stubborn waterproof mascara, while refreshing, calming and protecting the skin.The comforting blue tone is naturally derived from chamomile flowers during the distillation process. Used in aromatherapy skin care remedies for thousands of years, chamomile is rich in bisabolol, helping to calm the skin and relieve environmental stress.

3. Focus on repairing your body’s antioxidant levels

Skincare is about more than what you put on your body. You also want to focus on eating correctly and getting a nice supply of antioxidant-rich fruits that replenish everything your skin needs to repair itself. Blueberries, acai, and many other fruits will do the trick. Focus on eating natural, plant-based foods on a daily basis, and you’ll care for your skin through your stomach, which is the best way to heal your body. We also love vitamin oil, that is safely applied directly to your skin. Simply Vitamin Skin Oil is one of a kind nutritional blend of oils to feed the delicate skin on your face. Rich in antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and Omega fatty acids, all essential for the balance and nourishment of your skin. This rare formula is made from a blend of pure natural cold pressed and expeller pressed precious oils with a small molecular structure so they can penetrate the skin Simply Skin Vitamin Oil 11ml

4. Always keep some moisturizer with you

11111 Moisturizer should keep your skin moist without making it oily or drying it out. Also, ensure that you can read all the ingredients on the bottle and know what’s in it so that it doesn’t cause any adverse effects. Oftentimes, the best moisturizers you use are created with organic ingredients, so try using only natural beauty products. You’ll be doing your skin a huge favor and ensuring that you don’t get wrinkles, dry skin, or any other problems earlier than necessary.

5. Watch the room temperature where you sleep.

When you sleep in a room that is too hot or too dry,  your skin loses valuable moisture.  Increased blood flow can cause your skin to look redder. You want fresh air to come into open a window, use a fan or install a humidifier next to your bed.

6. Protect your lips.

Did you know that your lips have no melanin? This means they dry out easily.  When you are dehydrated, your lips begin to flake. This means there is insufficient fatty acids and omegas in your diet. Remedy this with a suitable supplement and protect your lips with a product such as natural lip balm

7. Exfoliate! A skin care must.

Exfoliating is an excellent way to rid the skin of dulling dead skin cells.   Passion fruit is an excellent ingredient to look out for because it exfoliates enzymatically rather than mechanically as a gritty scrub would do. If you notice any milia (those tiny white bumps on the skin) this is a sure sign that you could be over-exfoliating.

We suggest Chia Seed & Passion Fruit Exfoliating Gel by Lather, this moisturizing facial scrub uses physical and enzyme-based exfoliators plus nourishing chia seed oil to gently remove surface cells that can cause a rough and dull complexion.

Chia Seed & Passion Fruit Exfoliating Gel

Finely ground passion fruit seeds are combined with jojoba beads to buff away flakes and pore-clogging debris. Bromelain from pineapple and papain from papaya are tropical fruit enzymes that dissolve dry, dead skin cells. These ingredients work together to reveal the softer, smoother skin below. Organic chia seed oil delivers high levels of omega-3 alpha-linolenic fatty acid, helping maintain healthy moisture levels and keeping skin plump, soft and smooth.

What do you think about these tips? Are any of these hacks something that you already do on a daily basis, or is something you’re planning to do in the future? Let us know in the comment section below!


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      1. I have been using Cetaphil every since I was 20 years old. Mild cleanser and wonderful moisturizer with sunscreen. I wear that moisturizer/sunscreen every single day on my face neck and chest.

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