Why Older Women Are Better Bloggers - Ideas of why wisdom and time can make you a better blogger. But there are some pitfalls too!

Somethings are better with age and wisdom. Older doesn't make us better, older gives us different stories to tell. Stories that for the first time, older women are starting to open up about and share what wasn't always talked about. Once you get past a certain place in life, you no longer want to read about breastfeeding and sleep issues, and there have to be writers willing to share the stories about what life is like AFTER babies aren't trying to take over your life.

When women over 45 gather, we aren't talking about making babies anymore. We are talking about love and fails, children and the assholes they can be when we want them to be perfect.  We are talking about what real boobs look like and growing older. We are all looking for how to live a life without limits.

Life After Babies

When I first started this blog I didn't believe that I wanted to be a “Mommy Blogger” because at that time my children were teens and I just didn't feel like I fit into that group of women bloggers. I wanted to tell great stories. I write about life beyond school drop-offs and teacher dramas.

A while back I was given some advice by one of those women who seem to be the life of the party and everyone just thought she was the best. She said to me “If you want to make friends, you have to be something for everyone. If the women are gathering, then go stand with the women and talk about their babies, breastfeeding, and sleep schedules.”  When I protested that I am more than a breeder and I didn't want to only stand with the women and talk about childbirth stories. She smiled her pretty southern smile and tilted her head perfectly and said. “Fake it.”

Older women writers don't want to blog about daily poop or schedules for chores.  We want to tell real-life stories about women, about life, about chasing different kinds of dreams.  We want to write about food, because we really LOVE food. I wanted to write about my adventures. I write what I would want to read. I don't want to fake it… I demand to be authentically ME.

You Do YOU, Everyone Else Is Taken

Today's popular female bloggers are usually straight, 25-30, stay at home Mommies with 2-3 young children or master chefs with great teeth.  And pretty… let's not forget perky pretty. To make them edgy, they are never without wine, a few naughty stories, and yet still perky.

I am fantastic, but never perky.

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Through the years Dancing with Fireflies went through many changes, changed songs, changed patterns, until I found a groove. Sometimes my readers tell me what they want more of. Lyme disease, cooking, travel, ect are all topics that you readers have said you enjoy. So I write more about that.

But there is a difficulty that we face as well.  We don't fall into the same popularity that Mommy Bloggers find.  It's like the Mommy Groups at school that are full of the popular ladies with the yoga pants and flawless hair, online… and once you are no longer writing about homemade babyfood, you aren't in their huddle anymore.

So find your own cool kids club! Follow ME,  we can be cool together!  Seriously… I love when I meet other bloggers and we do this sort of High Five to each other's posts.  I love it.  Follow my social media, and let me know who you are ( I am braindead sometimes and need a reminder) and I'll follow you back and we can support each other!


We worked hard to get to a place where we can enjoy what we have.

When my kids were younger, I did have a house FULL of stories, advice, and warnings of what not to feed your kids after midnight. It was a long day of cleaning, cooking, driving around, signing endless school forms, homework nagging, and sometimes sleep.

I didn't have time to take beautiful photos, dress my children in designer outfits and do their hair with gel and ribbons each day. Hell, I was so thankful when the last one got sick of me pulling out knots and cut her hair short. Life with a pack doesn't leave time for blogging, editing, social media marketing, SEO, networking and affiliate marketing.  I just wanted a bath without interruptions!

Now after almost all of the kids have left… and came back.. and left. Oh wait.. some are here, waiting for another one to come back. Yeah.. that room is empty now.

How to get Tailwind FREE

Now after we have gotten to a better spot in our lives, it is our time to travel the world, tell our stories and enjoy all that we worked so hard for.

I might not be picture perfect, but I'm living the best I can and sharing my real life experiences in life.  Because really, you aren't reading this because I'm so pretty… you want to read a blog like this because it's different.

Real writers write because we have amazing stories to tell.  Our stories are about more than what can usually fit under one hat… in fact it can barely fit under one dark sky full of fireflies.

And THAT is why older women make better bloggers. 😉


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10 thoughts on “Why Older Women Are Better Bloggers”

  1. I love everything you said! I’ve talked about blogging for about 9 1/2 years. I didn’t because I didn’t want the mommy blogger label attached. Now I’ve got two who are moved out, one in high school and the last in Kindergarten. I’ve got shit to say about this life! Ha!! So I started it up less than a month ago. It’ll be a slow process with the kajillion other things going on, but the first step has been taken!
    Oh and I’ll say it again – spot on with this post! Bravo 👏🏼

  2. I am a teen blogger and we are still learning. Young millennials like us are smart, forward thinking people and I don’t think you should discredit us from all of the amazing stuff we are doing. I do agree with some of the stuff you were saying though!

  3. OMG. All of this.

    My blog has gone through several changes. I rarely talk parenting (but I will talk motherhood – sometimes). I started out with two blogs, closed the “mommy blog” (blech, still hate that term), and merged the two together. The kids got older. They didn’t care about review items and definitely didn’t like having their pictures taken anymore (teenagers, AmIRight?!) I got to the point where I didn’t want to blog about them either so I made this last conscious move to shut nearly all talk of parenting down and went back to telling the stories that interested me and the season of life I’m in now.

    I still have the “mommy blog” url and I hope to relaunch it soon as a resource for parents, more like an online magazine than a “mom blog.”

    1. Dancing with Fireflies

      I love your story of transitioning your blog into what matters to you in your own life. I want to read blogs about real people and hear about their real lives that aren’t full of bubbles and glitter. What did they learn along the way and what just plain sucks.

      Thanks for reading and keep up the great work!

  4. i feel the same way. those of us who have life experience have stories to tell from a different perspective. why it’s so good to read things from people of all ages.

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