Why Mindfulness Works


If you are looking to train your mind through mindfulness, is probably because you are looking for a change. Mindfulness teaches us that we need to pay attention to the present moment. Maybe it is keeping the focus on our breath, or learning how to let go of thoughts.  But Mindfulness works for whole life wellness.

The mind wanders 47% of the time. Through mindfulness, we are learning how to let go of judgments of those wandering thoughts.  Judgment and shame is universal, and through mindfulness, we learn how to look at our thoughts with kindness. Shame shuts down the brain and robs the brain of energy needed to change and thrive.

Repeated practice makes mindfulness us more productive, mentally stronger, and healthier. And unbelievably, it helps our brains to heal and live longer as well. Mindfulness is changing the way we see ourselves, bringing acceptance to our pasts, and allowing more calm into our lives.

Dr. Shauna Shapiro, a professor at Santa Clara University, a clinical psychologist, and an internationally recognized expert in mindfulness talks about how she taps in on modern neuroscience and mindfulness to show how mindfulness can help us to make positive changes in our lives.  The story of how she worked with military veterans, to help them overcome shame and move towards healing, is especially powerful.


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