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Essential oils have been around for a very long time. But Face Oils are a new trend that combines the natural healing of essential oils and the ability to customize your beauty routine.

Healthy young-looking skin is the dream most of us over 40 looks to our beauty routine to attain. Beyond a healthy diet and lifestyle, we also need to make sure our skin has all of the vitamins it needs to ensure your skin is hydrated and nourished. But where to begin?  The key is vitamin oils.

Vitamin oils are topical vitamins for our skin.

What are the best vitamins for beautiful, youthful skin?

  • Vitamin E
  • Omega 3 and 6
  • Vitamin C
  • Vitamin K
  • B complex
  • Essential fatty acids including linoleum acid

 What are the best oils for skin repair?

  • Sacha Inchi Oil
  • Broccoli Seed Oil
  • Prickly Pear Seed Oil
  • Argan Oil
  • Sesame Seed Oil
  • Baobab Oil
  • Rosehip Seed Oil
  • Jojoba Oil

Why is oil so good for your skin?

Oils are lipophilic. This means they can penetrate deep into the skin, trapping water and other moisturizing goodness in, while keeping toxins and other bad stuff out. Your skin wants to soak up the vitamins and repair itself.

Oils are soothing to thirsty skin. You want to use nourishing and completely natural oils with not one drop of synthetics or chemicals.  You don’t need chemicals on your skin, good plant-based oils are rich in antioxidants and replenishing emollients.

What to look for in face oils:

You want to make sure whatever product you use on your beautiful skin is all-natural.  Look at the ingredients and make sure there are no harmful toxins. Research the ingredients and ask about pesticides.

Test it on your skin and if you don’t like it, make sure you can send it back after you use it for a few weeks.

Products made in the USA are held to a higher standard.

Apply a generous amount to face and neck just before bed as a deep nourishing moisture treatment; the skin will be luminous and balanced when you wake up! You may use it every night or a few times a week as you prefer. Nightly use will keep your skin plump, well-nourished and balanced.

Do you have a beauty routine or product you love?  Share your thoughts in the comments!

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