Mondays are hard.  Sometimes they even suck. A case of the Mondays can happen any day that you feel like you just can't get things going and find your energy.

However, you can't change the fact that like Mondays, bad days and sad days just come around.  They don't last a lifetime unless you want them to.   You just have to move through them, remember to breathe, and soon enough the light will return.

Tips for changing your mood

Looking for some ideas to wash off the Monday Blues?  Try these:

  • Grab your rain boots, set your favorite playlist on your phone, and go for a 10-minute walk outside.  The fresh air and music will help your mood.
  • Make some Lemonade.  I'm not kidding!  The smell of the lemons, as you cut them up, is mood lifting. Add in a little sugar, the bright colors, and changing up what you are doing, there you have a recipe for sunshine in a cup. Or you could try something like our drink of the week – Purple Rain with soothing lavender.purple rain
  • Plan a Playdate for YOU. All too often parents are more concerned about making sure their children are properly socialized and they really lack enjoyable adult socialization. And what happens after the kids grow up or if you don't have kids? Make time to be social with people you LIKE.  Get out of the house, go get a cup of coffee or meet a friend for a walk. But DO something that you enjoy doing with another adult.
  • Get a haircut or change your routine style.  There are times for keeping steady and times for going a little wild.  If your routine is making you dull, change it!  Cut your hair a new way, paint your nails a bright color ( men, this works for you too!) Or go buy a new outfit that you haven't been brave enough to wear before and see how many compliments you get for changing it up.
  • Dance! There is something about finding that perfect song, the one you know all the words to, getting up out of your chair, and dancing like you don't care who is watching.  It raises your mood, makes your blood flow, and things always look better when you can dance it out. Feel good?  Keep going!

Take charge of your Mondays.

We all get a case of the Mondays from time to time. But it is how we react when they come that defines who we are and the direction of our lives.  Take charge and rewrite the plot of your day, don't let the darkness take away your joy.  Most of all.. dance with fireflies.


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