When I started Dancing with Fireflies I really wanted just a little space on the canvas to create something personal. I thought maybe I’d share some short stories, do some random thought posts, or talk more about living with Lyme disease. I really didn’t know for sure where it was going to go and I really didn’t think much about gaining readers at all.

But things have really changed!  Now we have thousands of regular readers and I've even had the chance to meet a few of you in person.  It was quite the eye-opener to realize that there were real people that love and follow the blog and some of them even lived close to me.  As an introvert that was crazy and even a little scary. LOL!

I have always wanted to be a better writer. In order to do anything better, you need to practice. And so blogging became a really good way to practice something I love daily.  There’s a constant motivation to keep churning out content, you want to attract new readers and keep the attention of the ones you already found. So Dancing with Fireflies has really changed throughout the last few years.  I still love writing, but I also love bringing new ideas from other wonderful writers and sharing them.

My first few posts weren’t that great.  I really had no idea of what I actually wanted to add to the blog.  I just wanted a place to share thoughts and hang out. Now Dancing with Fireflies has more of a routine and flow. Even though I would really like to have more time to actually do more in-depth writing, I enjoy knowing what is coming next.

Now we have regularity and a cast of some talented Guest Bloggers.  Things are changing for the better!

What do you hope to see from Dancing with Fireflies?

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