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The Moscow Mule is super popular and fun to drink in those chilly copper mugs. We fell in love with handmade moscow mule cups after talking with our friends at about their gorgeous mugs and why they are different from some of the others out there.

After getting our own pair of mugs from Moscow Muled ( Thanks guys!) we set off exploring how we could come up with new recipes to use our fun new cups.  And we have 5 super fun recipes that we are excited to share with you and our spring party guests!

Irish Mule

Irish Mule recipe

This first recipe comes from Moscow Muled, they have a few great recipes and I loved this one in the spirit of St.Patrick's day that's coming up.  I'm sure a few of you will be hosting St. Patrick's parties and this is a fun cocktail to add to the list.

Irish Mule
Serves 1

1.5 oz of Irish Whiskey
3 oz of ginger beer (Get the recipe to make ginger beer at home!)
1/2 oz fresh lime juice
Splash of cocktail bitters

Mix together whiskey, ginger ale, and juice from half a lime in moscow mule mugs
Pour over ice and top off with 2 splashes of bitters
Garnish with the other half of the lime

Fig and Lemon Moscow Mule

This is a beautiful blend of sweet and tart that is so lovely in hand hammered copper mugs that stay cool. Perfect for sitting on front porches and talking with your friends.

Click here to get our recipe for our Fig and Lemon Moscow Mules!

Cherry Cherry Moscow Mule

Who says a moscow mule has to bite?  We love the sweetness of cherries that are the high notes of this springtime classic drink. It feels like a little bit of rock and roll in your mouth!

Click here to go get that recipe!

What I really love about these mugs is that they don't feel cheap.  They are authentic and have a nice weight to them.  You can really tell they are made well because the craftsmanship is exquisite.

moscow mule

These mugs are truly my favorite and I know I am going to need a few more for our parties. Because I don't want to share mine! I've used mine for a few different things, including my morning tea because my tea stays hot and I love the feel of the warm mug in my hand in the morning as I'm waking up and starting my day.  And they are 16 oz, so I make a big mug of tea and go snuggle with my blanket on the couch as I ease into the morning.

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Get the recipe here


Strawberry Mint Moscow Mule

Because springtime parties seem to be lighter and push off the heavy blankets of winter, this recipe also has the light crispness of strawberries and freshness of mint.  Both are great ingredients for feeling fresher and improving your health.

Moscow Muled, the makers of our favorite mugs donate 15% of their profits to non-profit organizations that work to stop impaired driving.  Each purchase of their copper mugs works to help save lives! I LOVE this.

The Ultimate Moscow Mule

Ultimate moscow mule

This recipe is right from Moscow Muled's site and it really is the best recipe out there so we had to include it.

1 1/2 ounces premium vodka
1/2 ounce fresh lime juice
1/2 cup ginger beer
Lime wedge for garnish

Pour vodka and lime juice into copper mugs
Add ice and ginger beer
Stir to combine
Garnish with a lime wedge
moscow mule

For even more moscow mule recipes check out Moscow Muled's blog and don't miss the Kombucha Mule, that one is very funky!

Thanks again to Jessica and everyone at Moscow Muled for the opportunity to dig deep and come up with some new recipes to show off their mugs. 

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