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Hey everyone, I’ve got another great review to share with you today. The fun people over at CBD Five sent us over one of their new rechargeable vape pens to try, and I’m excited to give you my review.

So this pen is designed explicitly for CBD vape oil or CBD wax.

Advantages Of Vape Pens

  • Convenient
  • Portable
  • Discrete
  • Works faster than edibles
  • No strong odor

cbd pen

 CBD Vape Oil

Vaping CBD is preferred by many people because of how quickly it works and discrete, for use in public places.  You also do not need as much CBD when vaping as you might with capsules or edibles.

There is a difference between CBD oil and CBD Vape oil AND vape juice.  The CBD Five pen uses CBD Vape Oil, also known as CBD e-Liquid or CBD wax. You can purchase CBD vape oil in different flavors and dosages.

But be careful about which ones you purchase. Make sure they have no propyl-glycol also known as PG

CBD vape oils do not contain nicotine and is not addictive. Most CBD oils are either made with hemp or very low THC and will not get you high.  However, in some legal states, you can get CBD oil with THC.  But today we are testing a hemp CBD oil in our vape pen.

Toxic Ingredients

Propyl-glycol also known as PG can cause health issues like kidney disorders, asthma and even cancer. Therefore, persons should buy CBD vape oil brands that have vegetable glycerin or coconut oil.

Without thinking recently, I tried a vape oil with PG, and instantly it hurt my lungs, gave me asthmatic issues, and I was very annoyed at knowing that I wasn’t more careful.  So… please, watch out for that.

CBD Five Pen

This is a nice pen.  I like the feel and style. It is shipped in discreet packaging but inside, the box is colorful and good-looking.  The pen is a bit heavy due to the durable construction of the device.

Here is what I liked:

  • Includes a USB plug for simple charging of your vape pen and it is a standard cable so you can use it for other things too. Also, you can use other USB chargers when you are out or traveling.
  • The instructions were easy to follow. And the assembly is very simple.
  • I like having 3 voltage settings for different heat, for use with different vape oils and wax.
  • Included are two different size cartridges, including a 1 ml for CBD oil or Wax.
  • The preheating function really gives a mellow, smooth vapor.
  • I liked the cute colorful lights. 😊

There were a few things I didn’t care for:

  • The settings take a little learning. 5 pushes to turn on, then 3 pushes to adjust the settings, then something else.. then 5 more to turn off.  I kept forgetting and had to keep starting over.
  • The heating, once set, is nice. Although I did get a harsh hit and it kinda annoyed me. It’s never fun to have that happen.
  • It is a little large for small pockets, like we women have. So I had to tuck mine in my purse for the day.

Overall Thoughts:

This is good quality product for the cost.  The company is friendly, and I love the look of the pen.  So good job CBD Five!

Pen Facts:

Refillable,Rechargeable, Portable
·2 CBD Cartridge–(CBD oil not included)
·Wickless/Ceramic Rod
.5ml for CBD oil/1ml for both CBD Oil& CBD Wax
·Leak Proof/Patented Cartridge Structure Design
·Rainbow/Silver Finish
·3 Click Variable Voltage(3.4v/3.6v/3.8v)
·Universal USB Charging Cable

Company Product Description

CBDFive Vape Pen is specifically designed for CBD users. It has a ceramic .5 chamber and 1ml chamber that applies the new ceramic vaporizing technology, preventing oil leak and odd taste. The vape is very flavorful vapor due to its ceramic wickless tank. The top intake design enables you to fill the oil into the chamber with ease and prevents overheating. You can take out the ceramic rod and fill the vaporizer with ease. Equipped with pre-heat function, 400 mAh battery (3.4v/3.6v/3.8v), the CBDFive vape Pen will be sure to be a perfect product for CBD oil users. You can also use the 1ml cartridge for CBD oil and CBD wax. But the .5ml cartridge only support CBD oil vaping. It also includes a USB charger to restore its power. Styled with a metallic finish, the CBDFive vape pen fits in the palm of your hand, and the rainbow color lightens up your mood.

The temperature has been adjusted to take the most out of CBD and its beneficial supplement.


Handling Time: 2-3 Days 7-15 Day Shipping (Worldwide Free Shipping)


$34.99 $45.00

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