be mindful everywhereThis week we are on the road. We are out in Snowy Seattle and the PNW. I've been trying to work in as much mindfulness and meditation as I can as we travel and explore. But it can be hard!

Making time to be mindful is as much part of the practice as deep breathing. It takes effort to press pause and take time to stop being busy.

Mindfulness isn't only meditation

Walk with intention. Look up and around.  Be here, now.

As I walk through Seattle, it's crazy how many people are walking with their heads down, looking into their phones, not a part of the now at all.

There is a lot happening all around you. Set the intention to see it!

From stopping to be kind to someone stopped at a light next to you, you have opportunities to check in with the world around you. Holding a door for someone as you walk into the building, and making eye contact, is an opportunity to share kindness.

Set the intention to be aware

When I put my phone away, stop taking pictures, and connect with my surroundings I get a deeper connection with the flow of energy of the city.

Sometimes it is as simple as stopping for a moment to close my eyes and take in the feel and smell of an area. I love the smell of Costco early in the morning when the bakery is in full bake mode. It sounds silly, but even as I stroll through the heavy isles, taking a mindful moment to smell and connect with the moment, I feel more purposeful in daily chores.

Don't lose that time!  When your brain is engaged in reading through social media, or watching videos, you are disengaged in the world around you.

Where are you going today?  How will you incorporate mindfulness into your day? 

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